Mystery Surrounds Missing
Newberry Springs Fire Truck

Interior of the wayward fire truck.

Bamboozled!   So sadly funny!

Posted: December 15, 2013

      The saga continues on the Newberry Springs Volunteer Fire Department's missing 2011 International 4,000 gallon water tender.

      It appears to have a permanent home; but it isn't Newberry Springs.

      The truck is reported as being in service in the state of Colorado, having been legally sold by Fire Trucks Plus, a fire truck speciality dealer located in Ontario, California.

      As reported earlier, the water tender that was being contracted to be sold by the dealer was apparently sold a number of months ago.  However, the dealer never reported the transaction to the Newberry CSD.  Instead, the dealer allegedly kept the deposit, estimated to be about $25-grand, and never processed the title paperwork so as not to alert the Newberry CSD regarding the sale.

      While months went by, the buyer has not received registration, but has had the truck that the Newberry CSD has continued to make bank payments on; the last being $25,954.92 that was due on December 4, 2013.

      Complicating the matter is that the Newberry CSD has to get in line.  It is not the only party that has been apparently snookered by this alleged charlatan dealer.  A number of other fire departments are also reported to be now missing their fire trucks too!

      This then raises the question as to whether the dealer's DMV bonding will be sufficient and whether the dealer will be able to make restitution on the CSD's losses.  Currently, one Newberry CSD board member, shaking his head, has stated that the CSD will be taking a financial loss.

      Other sticky matters include liability and costly insurance coverage for a registered $165,000 Newberry Springs fire truck that is being operated in Colorado.

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