Letter to the County Requests Assistance
for the Community Service District
Or It's Abolishment !

February 16, 2013

Improve It Or Lose It !
The Self-Governing Experiment Hasn't Worked.

      In the Pistachio Republic of Newberry Springs, not everyone is smiling.  The reality is that many are dissatisfied; and they have been unhappy for a long time.  Part of the displeasure can be traced to the inept representation of the local Community Service District.

      The CSD has been poor in listening and representing the community.  An example of its deafness was the CSD's February 2013 Special Meeting when citizens complained that the meeting was another violation of the Brown Act.  Rather than the board properly abandoning the meeting, not one director walked out in preference to continuing an illegal meeting whereby each board member collected a $100 meeting stipend sucked from the CSD's treasury.

      This is a CSD board that doesn't have money for a youth program in the community but can blow $500 a pop on themselves for every Special Meeting that they can arrange.

      The spouse of one board member has complained that this website disparages our wonderful community.  But what is wonderful about the community when its own youth only finds misery and wants to abandon it upon reaching legal age?  This website isn't about disparagement, its a wake-up call that Newberry Springs can do more; it can do much better.

      In California, some Community Service Districts are great places to live.  One is a gated community loaded with amenities for its citizens.  Such places however require vision from its leaders; that is lacking in the Newberry CSD.

      The Newberry Springs Community Alliance has just received a copy of a very interesting letter.  It is from a Newberry Springs' real estate broker that has long witnessed the backward, stymied progress of Newberry.  In the letter addressed to the County Administrative Office, he is requesting professional help for the CSD.  Either that or the abolishment of the CSD in favor of county or state LAFCO control.  Replacement of the CSD with a Municipal Advisory Council would give the community some input with better access and development assistance from the county's paid professional staff.

      The letter makes reference to a LAFCO 74-page written report that critizes the Newberry CSD's operations.  Final Web version is 80 pages. (2.6MB PDF)

      His idea seems very radical for a community of independents who largely favor self-control; but his idea does hold merit and is definitely worth further investigation.  Afterall, the Newberry CSD was established over 54 years ago and today little improvement in the daily lives of its citizens can be shown for the half century time warp.

      The letter's author does have a point.  The community might be far better off in its progress without a lame and usually dysfunctional CSD.  Perhaps it is time to acquire some steroids.

Newberry CSD boundaries.

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