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Posted: March 6, 2023
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
by Ted Stimpfel

    There has been a slowing in the posting on this website.  That is due to my volunteer time having been diverted to more productive communities.

    My recent computer work has been assisting parents of adult Transition Students in a school district in Los Angeles county.  This involves parents of approximately 100 moderate to severely handicapped children in an economically disadvantaged community.

    The majority of the school board of trustees involved in this 15,000-student high school district are very much like most of the Newberry CSD's board... incompetent and lacking a proper understanding of their role.  Especially, when it comes to the special needs of vulnerable Transition Students.

    Yeah, there are other board members outside of Newberry equally as bad.  The exciting difference with this school district's parents, and what makes volunteering with them so rewarding, is that many of the Transition Student parents are activists.  They won't allow incompetent people to interfere with the education of their special needs children.

    Their cause is one that is dear to my heart so on their request, I was onboard.  I spoke before their school board and then two weeks ago I filed a sworn Complaint in Sacramento before a state commission.  The Complaint addresses illegal actions that I was able to uncover regarding three members of the board.

    My legal research and Complaint should eventually prevent Pasadena City College from renewing a lease on a satellite campus that was supposed to revert back for use by the Transition Students and the district's adult education.  The campus in the past handled 7,000 annual adult education students for the district.

    The background history is convoluted so I will not attempt to cover it here.

    After attending the February 28, 2023, monthly Newberry CSD board meeting, I attended the district's school board meeting the following night and spoke again.  To my surprise, some parents were so appreciative of my assistance that they had a thank you card in front of the dais.

    There is a great deal of satisfaction and enjoyment in working with motivated people who are energized and working together.  Upset with their school board's incompetence, they have filed recall papers on the first of potentially three board members.  They are smart enough to recognize and address incompetence.

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