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Posted: October 12, 2022
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
by Ted Stimpfel

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In a recent Facebook post, Jack Unger wrote:

Unger is a part of the CSD problem, not the solution.

    We have a Newberry CSD board member that feels that, "I'm very satisfied with the good work that my fellow Directors and I have achieved over the last four years."  He further states "...the secret to my success..."  Unfortunately, this condescending CSD board member is seriously delusional.


    Let's start by saying that anyone going to the Newberry CSD's website for the CSD's monthly Minutes (as suggested by Jack Unger above) will not find any meaningful documentation and understanding.  This is illustrative of the shabby, unprofessional, and secretive operation of the CSD directors.

    Despite years of complaints by myself, Jack Unger and the other CSD directors have refused to order the General Manager, or the Secretary, to take proper Minutes of the meetings for a full recording of what transpires.  Audio recordings of the meetings are no longer done.

    You can read all of the CSD's Minutes online for yourself.  The Minutes lack basic detail. This lack of transparency intentionally hides the complaints of public speakers and the background of the board's actions about the "Business of the People."

    A proper Minutes document has detail as in the Lucerne Valley EDA's Minutes.

Misguided direction.

    When Jack Unger originally ran for office, he promised transparency.  After four years, he continues to block transparency.

    His recent campaigning claims that he listens to the community, and has been helpful.  This is pandering bullshit!

    Jack Unger's new assertions of community volunteerism reflect his new campaign strategy.  It duplicates director Paula Deel's playbook of joining every local organization possible.

    Jack Unger also plays the religious card by posting religious psalms online to sucker in those so influenced by his miraculous conversion.  However, true Christians don't do actions that bless pirating Clearway and drive families from their homes.

    And, about his sudden local volunteerism, where has his volunteering been during the last 4-years?

    Jack Unger suddenly showed up and assisted CSD candidate Juan Manuel Figueroa with Commodities, and then Unger brags online about his service.  Figueroa has been silently involved for years in local charity work without any bragging.

    Jack Unger is a proud, self-involved man.  He is boastful of his imaginary accomplishments.  But where are they?  The Newberry Springs community, however, isn't stupid and it doesn't appear to be impressed with Unger's lack of meaningful performance.

    Jack Unger won't admit it, and he spins it verbally different, but during his watch on the CSD board, the community has drastically declined.  Newberry has become a toxic site for many.  We now have a large portion of our community in chronic stress and chronic trauma.

    A few residents who can, have already moved out, or are trying to avoid the carcinogenic silica dust from Clearway.  Much of the fault lies with the Newberry CSD directors, including malfeasant Jack Unger who positioned himself as the CSD's lead director on the litigation against the County's Clearway permit. 

  Do little Jack.  

    What has Jack Unger accomplished in the past 4-years in office that has made your life better?  He talks about a half dozen roadway wildlife warning signs.  He also claims CSD credit for the elementary school roadway warning signs.

    Actually, the mover behind the elementary school signs was resident Mike Matson who lives near the school.  Matson, who is also a CSD candidate, has been the spark behind the fantastic baseball field improvements.

    As for the erection of wildlife signs, Jack Unger should be discussing the erection of the ugly new high-towering powerlines on Silver Valley Road that he and the CSD could have negotiated being placed underground.

    The CSD had the power to dictate the underground placement but Jack Unger and the other directors badly screwed it up.

The fire department, civic hub, and more.

    The CSD's principal responsibility is the fire department.  Currently, the department is lacking basic and dependable equipment.  One major firetruck is a rolling band-aid.  It is a liability that should have been retired years ago yet the directors have kicked that can of a replacement down-the-road.

    Then, there is also Jack Unger's Civic Hub project which was the subject of my March 1, 2021, news blog that again demonstrates Unger's inability to deliver a finished product.  After taking 15 months to develop a Strategic Plan, Jack Unger's plan lacked the basics, including a plan to build the Hub.  The village terminology for Unger is 'loser.'

    In foolish desperation, Jack Unger was later suggesting that a new Civic Hub should be built using shipping containers.  That was the CSD's top Bozo idea.  Oops!  I forgot director Margie Robert's suggestion of establishing multiple traffic signals for Newberry.  There might be a tie!

    Whatever happened to Jack Unger's illustrated Civic Hub building?

Giving credit where credit is due.

    Yet, there are several things that Jack Unger should be forever recognized for.  The number one is being a lying Judas betrayer who broke his promise to litigate the County's permitting of the Daggett Solar Power Facility.

    Unger's ego had him volunteering to head the CSD's litigation effort.  An important position that he was definitely unqualified for.

    In earlier volunteering himself to head the CSD's appeal before the county's Board of Supervisors, he and director Victoria Paulsen made fools of themselves and embarrassed the community by blotching their presentation with unprofessional visual breakdowns.  More about their disastrous embarrassment in an upcoming blog.

    In replying to another candidate on Facebook, Jack Unger pompously stated that he (Unger) has "...been involved in volunteer community service work for over 55 years" and that "I hope that someday, you will be able to say that you have served the community for over 55 years."

    What service?  What is Unger now bragging about?  Unger fails to provide any verifiable information, only B.S.  He has only lived a fraction of those years in Newberry so it wasn't volunteered service here.  And does his volunteer time include his hobby as an amateur HAM radioman?

Unger listens but he doesn't hear.

    Unger has provided his telephone number and claims that he is willing to listen to anyone but this is simply campaigning crap.  On the CSD board, he has demonstrated deafness for 4-years.

    In a recent Facebook post, Unger wrote, "You'll notice that I also work side-by-side with the community."  Well, during the Superior Court legal appeal against the County on the Clearway project, hundreds of Newberrians were part of the appellants' Friends of Newberry Springs.  Did Jack Unger listen to them?

    No, he didn't !  He felt that he knew better than the community.  He silenced their voice as he paraded himself alone as being the Friends of Newberry Springs before the court.  He secretly supplanted his voice over that of the community's.

The Friends of Newberry Springs had their petition long before Jack Unger, the Newberry CSD, and the attorneys got involved.  Yet, Jack Unger was later claiming more delusion that he alone was the Friends of Newberry Springs.

Recorded at the February 25, 2020, CSD Board meeting.

    Everyone who signed the petition against Clearway should be boiling mad about how Jack Unger and the other CSD directors secretly usurped their voices before the Superior Court.

    A recent fascinating exposé blog substantiates that the Newberry CSD's lawsuit was against the County of San Bernardino.  It was NOT filed against Clearway Energy.  Yet, Jack Unger (a major CSD player in the litigation) still doesn't understand that the lawsuit didn't name Clearway.  See the last sentence of Jack Unger's post at the top of this blog.  Jack Unger is still confusingly posting misinformation.  (Unger states: "The CSD lawsuit was against Clearway.")

    With such ignorant understanding on the CSD board over what it is doing, there is little wonder that the CSD has screwed the community.


    A liar lacks integrity and can not be trusted.  This community can not afford another four years of Jack Unger being on the CSD board.

Newberrians put up with too much crap.
That should change.

The ineffective fiddling Nero
while Newberry suffers.

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