Rendition of Newberry's new Civic Hub center?

Don't Hold Your Breath

Posted: April 26, 2021
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
by Ted Stimpfel

This document is being presented at the April 27, 2021, CSD general board meeting.  It sure gives the impression that the CSD is well into the design process.

    No, this picture is NOT a rendition of any thought process that has gone into the design of the Newberry Springs Civic Hub.  No studies have been presented as having been performed regarding the needs of the fire department nor any other community operation.

    What is placed here is an image to mislead us as to the brilliance of the CSD's progress.

    The picture is only a nice image swiped from the Internet to give you the false illusion that the CSD is doing something.

    The picture isn't even of a building in this country!  It is of the St. John's facility in Colchester, Essex, England.

    It is not a civic hub.  Not even a governmental building.


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