Newberry CSD Board's
Incompetence Has Sunk Further !

Posted: March 1, 2021
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
by Ted Stimpfel

    The Newberry CSD's February board meeting had again the usual boredom.  Discussions ran-on far longer than necessary.  Director Jack Unger, in particular, likes to listen to himself give reports.

    While the agenda had several items, I will highlight one to illustrate the CSD's circus operation.

Civic Hub Strategic Plan

    The CSD formally accepted the final wording of the Civic Hub Strategic Plan.  (4.3 MB of weariness.)

    The idea of a Civic Hub Strategic Plan has been spearheaded by CSD director Jack Unger.  In committee development for over 15-months, the plan has been piloted by Jack Unger who served as the chairman.  CSD director Victoria Paulsen has co-piloted as the co-chair.  Neither demonstrated the ability to navigate.

    Yes, the same bumbling pair that messed-up the CSD's appeal before the county's Board of Supervisors regarding the Planning Commission's approval of the Daggett Solar Power Project.

    With a strong supportive cast of excellent committee members that included Karen Gray, Mike Sullivan (Principal, Silver Valley High School), Daphne Lanier (Chief, Newberry Volunteer FD), and Cory Rogers (Assistant Chief, Newberry Volunteer FD), it is very disappointing that Jack Unger and Victoria Paulsen demonstrated their inability to submit a working strategic plan to fulfill their assignment.

    The committee, under Unger and Paulsen, appears to have been mishandled.  In reading the presented plan, it contains scattered ideas with no defined blueprint for a Civic Hub implementation.

    The purpose of a strategic plan is to identify objectives, gather data, evaluate the data, formulate and then execute the plan.

Confused methodology.

    The bulk of Unger and Paulsen's strategic plan consists of a synopsis outline of the dreams and wishes from previous community plans.  A civic hub strategic plan however is not a community plan.  It could be a branch element of a community plan, but a strategic plan is entirely different and it requires a different approach and data.

    The submitted "Civic Hub Strategic Plan" totally lacks a plan-of-action.   There is no definition as to how to move strategically forward which is the purpose of the plan.  There are no stated steps to follow !  Where is the plan?

    The CSD has again BOMBED in failing to deliver.  Little wonder that the CSD and the community have remained so stagnant.  The board members are stagnant in their ability.  15+ wasted months for an absurdly incomplete plan that never should have been submitted.

Nothing sticks to the wall.

    While the committee repackaged existing community data, the leadership floundered.  In short, the plan simply rehashes old data and draws unsubstantiated conclusions.

    It further fails to present anything new, such as recent surveys and studies to demonstrate the community's true civic hub needs.  Not desirables, but supportable needs.  The presented plan also fails to present any cost factors and financial pro formas.

    What Directors Unger and Paulsen have presented appears to be incomplete and childish.  For instance, they state that the fire department needs upgraded facilities without specifying why and what the exact needs are.  Such as, how many square feet does the fire department need, how many truck bays, how many rooms, and how would the square footage be allocated?  The basics man!

    Such data is necessary to move forward.

Wasted time.

    Without the numbers and estimated costs, no grant application will float.  Grant funders will recognize the undeserving childishness behind the application.

    Unger with his crayons has drawn a couple of civic hub layout sketches showing unproportional footprint rectangles for his vision.  He considers his remedial drawings to be visionary planning!

    Unger and Paulsen have turned-in an incomplete document.  They are pathetically slapping each other on the back believing how great their plan is.  Yet, there is no plan.  Their submission lacks actionable criteria to strategically follow.

    In business, a strategic plan is usually organized by a committee.  As the committee members are the most knowledgeable of the plan, the committee is usually responsible for the plan's implementation.  The CSD board dismissed its committee at its December 2020, board meeting.

    Obviously, by the plan's acceptance by the entire CSD board, the other three CSD board members are also clueless and lack an understanding of what a strategic plan should be.




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