Irreconcilable Differences 

Posted: May 10, 2023
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
by Ted Stimpfel


  After a closed-session meeting with their attorney, the Newberry CSD directors announced the termination of the district's General Manager.

  The announcement came at the closure of a Special Meeting on the night of May 9, 2023. All of the directors were present except for Director Robert Springer.

  Due to the closed session and privacy concerns involved in employment matters, the reason(s) for the dismissal hasn't been stated. The timing, however, appears to indicate an association, in part, with the General Manager's dual employment as the General Manager of the Daggett CSD.

  While I have seen encouraging improvements in the GM's performance over the years, in my opinion, she has never professionally fulfilled the position. I have found her exceptionally hostile in improving her handling of the board's agendas, Minutes, and other recording documents.

  She (and the board) have been obstinately close-minded in returning to a practice of audio recording the board meetings for accurate documentation.

  I further found that whenever I have made suggestions for the CSD office during board meetings, the General Manager has taken it as a personal attack upon her. Rather than welcoming suggestions, the attitude and demeanor have been defensive.

  I don't see true improvement coming to Newberry Springs until the old guard that has supported Clearway, the depletion of our groundwater and quality, and the many lost grant opportunities, are gone.

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