Posted: January 3, 2022
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by Ted Stimpfel

Here is a Facebook posting from December 28, 2021.

Bonehead Behavior !

Failure, failure, and more failure.

    Newberry CSD's board member Jack Unger has never impressed me as someone who has his life in order.  I would never trust anything of value with anyone who has a history of repeated failures.

    If Jack Unger had fulfilled his promise that he and the other CSD board members had made to the community to litigate the Daggett Solar Project, he wouldn't have a reason to write about the dust problem.

    Reporting dust violations to the Mojave Desert AQMD is fine but it is a ridicious cat-and-mouse game.  What the CSD settled for in their litigation's surrender is worthless.  By the time the MDAQMD gets boots-on-the-ground, the wind has dissipated.

    It has fascinated me that Newberry's voters would trust someone like Unger to advance their community.  But then, he was heavily promoted to the CSD board by the endorsement of CSD board member Paula Deel, who herself is in the same category as Unger.

    Deel has retired from her feed and plumbing business.  Normally, when someone retires after years of operating a brick-and-mortar business, the business is profitably sold for its inventory value, goodwill, and profit line.  If the business is worthless, the business is closed and the inventory liquidated.  Liquidation is what happened with Deel's Plumbing.  People's behavior repeats what they do. (Paula Deel's running litany of failures.)

    The Newberry CSD board is made up of stagnated people who are mediocre in their performance.  They are slowly driving Newberry to liquidation.  Despite having good intentions, they just don't know any better.  They are not visionary performers nor competent in community development.

    Yep!  The Deel's much trotted Coppi-Mumford Memorial, which the Deel's NSEDA (N.S. Economic Development Association) acquired in late 2016, is for sale !

    The land, donated as a memorial, was promoted to be used as a co-operative for the "discovery, development, teaching and enabling of appropriate scale agriculture, viticulture (grape growing), horticulture, permaculture, aquaculture, architecture, and other pursuits suitable to the arid desert environment of Newberry Springs, with the overarching goal of developing an economically sustainable rural community."

    Despite all of that stupid verbal bullshit, in 2016, I strongly forecasted that the Deels' project would be another waste of money and a failure.  After later drilling an expensive well and placing underground water lines, here we are.  The sell-off of the memorial site due to mismanagement and unrealistic expectations.

Back to Jack Unger.

    I don't like people who are liars.  During Jack Unger's campaign for CSD office, Unger promised to be fully transparent.  Even promising to produce a monthly publication covering the CSD's activities.  Not only is Jack the Weasel's word worthless, but he has also been deceptive and has failed, failed, failed on the CSD board.

    Failed to be transparent, failed in his solar presentation on the Daggett Solar Power Project before the Board of Supervisors, lied to the community about litigating the solar project, failed in his civic center project that has been mismanaged.  Jack Unger has failed to accomplish anything meaningful for Newberry.

    With the other CSD turncoats, Jack Unger capitulated and allowed the billion-dollar-plus Daggett solar project to start construction by accepting an idiotic $200K token payoff when the CSD could have acquired millions in damage compensation.

    Then Unger failed to raise the funding for his proposed new civic center project.  Talk about losers !  But then, it is your community that is losing due to Unger, Deel, and the other board members' fumbling.

    The board handles the basic CSD operations O.K.  They also do good with social events.  But while they provide and pacify residents with entertainment in the park, we are literally losing our community.

    Unger's ego is constantly trying to place himself upfront.  His apparent astonishment (in his above Facebook post) should have residents crying out, What did he expect ?

    In uprooting 5.5 square miles of topsoil, is Unger so feeble-minded as to believe that the developer wasn't going to create a toxic dust hazard in Newberry ?

    Was Unger so foolish as not to understand that unstoppable dust from 5.5 square miles of mowed soil would engulf Newberry and injure humans and animals?  He was repeatedly warned of it !  Or was he believing Director Vickie Paulsen's delusional claim that a fence could hold back the dust?  Or that the developer would prevent the dust?

    What fantasy world are these people living in?

    Jack Unger placed himself as the CSD board's answer man regarding the Daggett solar project when the solar project issue first came before the board.  He craved the attention.  More than anyone on the board that capitulated, Jack Unger is responsible for the solar project and all of the foreseeable community misery that is now beginning.

    Unger is currently trying to spotlight himself as a good guy stepping forward to address the damages that he is responsible for.  No, Jack, you are not a good guy.  We won't forget the irreparable damage that you, Paula Deel, Vickie Paulsen, Robert Springer, and Larry Clark intentionally caused to people's health, their children, and home investments.

    Anyone who feels that the solar projects in the Silver Valley are (or will be) physically impacting their pulmonary function is encouraged to join our activist victims' group.  With sufficient numbers, we may be able to address this outrageous public harm.


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