Bob's Towing Plans Expansion

      Bob's Towing, previously located on National Trails Highway near Kelly's Chevron Station, has moved to Nopal Lane.  The business is associated with Bob's Towing Services & Recovery, Inc. of Walnut, California, that has branch locations in Los Angeles, Orange, and San Bernardino counties.

Concentration of BIG RIG salvage wreckers.

County continues to trash Newberry Springs.

Door sign at previous National Trails address.

May 22, 2015

      Prior to last years' Board of Supervisors' approval of a rezoning and Conditional Use Permit ("CUP") for Needles based Active Towing wrecker service, to occupy a Newberry Springs corner at National Trails Highway and Nopal Lane, the county's Planning Commission and the Board were pre-advised of numerous faults in the county's Land Use Services Department's processing and approval of the application.

      In short, the corrupt Land Use Services Department has continued a historical record of finding it much easier to simply ignore the full scope of the California Environmental Quality Act ("CEQA") and to designate applications with a Negative Declaration on environmental issues than following and fully applying the state environmental law.

      As previous released in earlier blogs (links below), the original application for Active Towing's siting on National Trails Highway, that was launched in a scam application before the county for rezoning and a CUP, was filed by Spike Lynch and the corner's property owner, Thomas Stickley (pictured right).  A sale of the property to Active Towing was reported dependent upon the county's approval of the application.

Bob's Towing new location at 31112 Nopal Lane in Newberry Springs.

      Another regular violation has been the county's willingness to flip-flop on the county's General Plan and spot zone for special interests.  In the case of Active Towing, on June 3, 2014, the county Board of Supervisors led by the local district's supervisor, Robert Lovingood, voted for what amounts to improper spot zoning, to allow Active Towing to operate, what would otherwise be, an illegal operation in the General Plan.

      The spot zoning might not be technically illegal for Active Towing because Land Use Services attempted to skirt the law by including three additional parcels adjacent to the subject two CUP parcels; thereby, establishing a block of parcels extending beyond Active Towing's two parcels.  The courts however have often ruled against such obvious shams to sneak-in such deceptive spot zoning; especially when designed to highly benefit one property owner when the zoning change does not have a true benefit to the surrounding community. 

      The three additional parcels were included in the zoning change at the objection of residents who warned that the rezoning would permit Active Towing or another similar operation (such as Bob's Towing) to expand towing/storage/impound services in the largely residential zoned area.

      The residential nature of the area has been harmed by the conflicting land use change to enable an incompatible 24-hour, industrial-style operation. 

      Spot zoning may be ruled invalid as an "arbitrary, capricious and unreasonable treatment" of a limited parcel of land by a local zoning ordinance.  While zoning regulates the land use in whole districts, spot zoning makes unjustified exceptions for a parcel or parcels within a district. [Eves vs. Zoning Board]

      Well, it took Bob's Towing only about three months after the Board's approval of Active Towing to initiate a pre-application (September 2014) to prove the dissenting residents correct.  A formal filing was submitted on the first of April 2015 and is being currently processed.

Yellow parcels 04 and 05 in the illustration (left) are Bob's Towing's new site.  Adjacent parcel 16 is the 5th parcel earlier rezoned by the Board.  Use of parcel 16 would double the junkyard appearance along National Trails Highway.

      A few days after the Board's approval of the Active Towing rezoning and CUP, local district supervisor Robert Lovingood stated that he favored the rezoning against the General Plan because he feels that property owners should have the right to do whatever they want with their property; and that if an adjacent property owner doesn't agree with the proposed change in zoning, then that adjacent owner has the right to buy-out the property proposed for the change.

      What Lovingood appeared to be saying, is if an adjacent residence wants peace and quiet at night, and if the next door property owner wants to convert his property for an incompatible 24-hour wrecker service that isn't allowed by the existing General Plan, than the residential owner needs to raise tens of thousands of dollars to maintain what is promised in the General Plan.

      By giving-in to the request of Active Towing, Robert Lovingood leading the Board, violated the value and the property rights of all the surrounding residential parcels in the area.  Sounds at night travel far in the silent, open desert, and establishing 24-hour BIG RIG wrecker tow services within a residential area is simply stupid planning.

      Ron Frame, Supervisor Lovingood's local representative in Newberry Springs, appeared shocked a few months back when first learning of Bob's Towing's preliminary application.  Frame stated that he remembered Active Towing's application quite well and that only the two parcels involved in the CUP were to be permitted for towing/storage service on the five parcels rezoned.  The cat is, however, now out-of-the-bag.

      The dirty scam was easily prophesied by the residents and the county officials should have listened.  But then, listening and caring about the community are two different things.

      A Bob's Towing's 14-wheel truck turns off Fort Cady Road onto National Trails Highway.  Bob's Towing's new site is two miles from Fort Cady Road and three miles from Interstate-40's Exit 18 at the Chevron station.  Bob's Towing in Newberry Springs has been permitted for truck dispatch only.  Temporary storage or impounding of wreckage (as pictured above) by Bob's has not been legal in Newberry Springs.

      The licensing of such mammoth trucks and trailers upon narrow residential Nopal Lane is pure county lunacy.  The noise of chains, diesel engines, hydrolics, and the off-loading of wreckage (and later onloading) is unacceptable in a residential area, especially late at night.

      The National Trails roadbed, that was constructed the better part of a century ago, was not designed for such heavy truck loads and is now showing excellerated deterioration.  The county can not afford replacement, only patches that fail to hold.

      Obviously, the Supervisors would never agree to such in their own neighborhoods; but for Newberry Springs, its O.K. to trash the residential area with Active Towing.  Now with Bob's Towing, the county can double-down.

Bob's Towing Preapplication.

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