Bob's Towing Plans Expansion

      Bob's Towing, currently located in Newberry Springs on National Trails Highway near Kelly' Chevron Station, is a satellite branch of Bob's Towing Services & Recovery, Inc. of Walnut, California.  The business has multiple locations in Los Angeles, Orange, and San Bernardino counties.

Stickley continues to stick it to Newberry.

Newberry Springs Blotter's prophesy is realized.

November 23, 2014

      Earlier this year, Active Towing was permitted by the county's Board of Supervisors to operate on the frontage of Route 66, across from the Bagdad Café, under a rezoning and Conditional Use Permit requested by Thomas Stickley.

      At the time, the Blotter recognized and presented evidence that the application promoted by Thomas Stickley (pictured right) and Spike Lynch was flawed and was intentionally misrepresenting facts.

      Based upon the usual shoddy county work, the Blotter also took issue with atrocities in the county's failures to follow Environmental Impact review protocols and mitigation of existing environmental and safety issues.  Testimony was presented before both the San Bernardino county's Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors that the sham application was setting the stage for a later expansion of Big Rig wrecker tow services upon Stickley's adjacent parcels that were part of the rezoning; but not the Conditional Use Permit.

      Well, it has only taken 4-months since Stickley acquired the approval for Active Towing to legally operate on the highly inappropriate site on the county's Scenic Route and soon to be National Scenic Byway, for Stickley to quietly move to expand Big Rig wrecker service upon his other parcels as the Blotter prophesied.

      When Bob's Towing, with a location in Barstow, realized that Active Towing was relocating from Ludlow to Newberry Springs, Bob's Towing didn't want a competitor to acquire an advantage; so it also decided to establish a new branch in Newberry Springs.  Bob's Towing current site in Newberry, however, is zoned for dispatch operations only, and the business needs a site permitting BIG RIG impound and storage.

      So Bob's Towing, with encouragement from Thomas Stickley, has filed a Preapplication for a Conditional Use Permit to operate on Stickley's parcels.

      Bob's Towing, similar to Active Towing, is a BIG RIG wrecker tow service.  Like Active Towing, Bob's Towing has BIG RIG tow equipment that is not compatible for driving upon a fragile county designated Scenic Route, and soon to be National Scenic Byway that is sensitive to its historical viewscape.

      Note that on the Bob's Towing Preapplication (link below) with the county, that the application specifically asks on page 4, top question No. 8, for the type(s), the number of axles, and the gross weight of each vehicle to be used at the site.

      Also note that none of this requested information is provided by Bob's Towing.  The only answers to the questions are: "Yes." "Tow trucks."  The scope of the proposed Bob's Towing operation, within a Rural Living community, is hidden as it was in the Active Towing's application to bamboozle the county's Land Use Services Department, the Planning Commission, and the Board of Supervisors who do not question the information nor the intent of applicants; nor listen to residents as these officials believe that they alone know what is best for all communities.

      There is good reason why the county is not being fully informed on the questonaire.  Although Active Towing is already using HUGE tow trucks at its site that are incompatible with Route 66's deteriorating roadway and with tourism on the county's Scenic Route, Bob's Towing currently has SUPER HUGE equipment, that can be rotated into Newberry Springs, that Active Towing has yet to acquire.

County of San Bernardino Board of Supervisors.

      To understand the type of equipment that Supervisor Lovingood and the county Board of Supervisors have already approved for Active Towing to use across from the Bagdad Café and might also allow Bob's Towing to operate on Nopal Lane immmediately behind Active Towing, click here(Opens separate browser window to Bob's Towing website.  Note the massive rollbar that probably weights more than some cars and the front 4 steerable wheels.)

      The size and weight of these SUPER HUGE wrecker trucks, and what they tow, and their operation at Newberry Springs' foremost tourist site that sometimes has serveral tourist buses of people roaming the highway outside the Bagdad Café, and school bus stop, is incompatible to safety, a fragile roadbed that is already deteriorating and a county hassle to maintain, and all laws of common sense.

      There are other disputes regarding the questionaire.  Number 9 regarding no interruption of vistas; Number 10, regarding change in dust, fumes or odors in the vicinity of the project; Number 11, the historical significance of Route 66; Number 13, will there be disposal of potentially hazardous or explosive materials?  Contents and mixtures of chemicals of damaged trailers are not always known and shouldn't be towed into and stored in a residential neighborhood; Number 14, there is no mitigation to damaged vehicle leakage upon the water table; Number 15, 24/7 noise of chains, unloading, and diesel engines; Number 17, there has been no certified traffic study done for the site; Number 21, there is a substantial relationship to another project adjacent the site.

      The proposal is a Doubling Down of an already existing inappropriate land use for the neighborhood.

      Bob's Towing Preapplication filing with the county is an optional filing whereby multiple county departments will do a preliminary review of the proposed application to check for any possible problems that a formal filing for a Conditional Use Permit might encounter.

Bob's Towing Preapplication.

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