Director Calvin Owens Reneges
On His Directorship Resignation

An unhappy Calvin Owens has had his term on the CSD board terminated by his own hand.

July 27, 2013

His flip-flopping to retain seat doesn't work!

      Newberry Springs Community Services District director Calvin Owens submitted his board member resignation on July 11, 2013, two days after having been humiliated by having his CSD CAL purchase card stripped from him by the CSD board for having behaved naughty.

      When word got out about the resignation, his few supporters wondered why he had resigned.  Apparently, Owens also began to wonder why he had done it?

      Quickly, Owens submitted a recission letter, to his resignation letter, which came a week before the July 23, 2013, CSD monthly general board meeting; at which time the board would vote upon the resignation.  At the meeting, the board accepted the resignation.

      Under state law, the matter is clear that the board held no other option than to accept Owens' resignation because the resignation was already a done deal.  When Calvin Owens submitted his resignation on July 11, 2013, to be effective immediately, the resignation became immediately fact by law and it was not subject to any approval.  The board's approval vote is solely a formal recognition to move forward to seek a replacement for the vacated seat.

      When an elected official submits a letter of resignation, it appears that under state law the resigning official cannot be reappointed to the same post during the term for which he was elected. (Cal. Gov't. Code 1752(a))

Case Law Citation

      Resignation of public officer took effect immediately upon the date mentioned in written resignation filed as required by law, no acceptance being required.

              Meeker v. Reed (App. 3 Dist. 1924 70 Cal.App. 119, 232 P. 760)

      At the monthy CSD board meeting on July 23, 2013, CSD board election candidate Robert Vasseur cried crocodile tears in his usual high volume voice about how unfair the board has been to Owens.  Vasseur made no mention about Owens' own acts that raised questions by the Grand Jury, brought shame upon the intregrity of the volunteer fire department, and disgrace to the Newberry Springs community.

      Furthermore, fringe candidate Robert Vasseur's tolerance of the past wrongs done by Owens did not speak authoritatively on the law but appeared to be ignoring it in a political soapbox speech campaigning for the few dwindling pro-Owens votes that may exist.

      To address his preceived wrongs done to Owens, and to address a board vote against funding of the Newberry Springs Senior Center, Vasseur called a special meeting at the Senior Center on Saturday, July 27.

      From Owens' first CSD sponsored agenda item that was riddled with inaccuracy, his term has been marred as an embarrassment to the community.  How frequently can one's actions keep shooting oneself in the foot?  The CSD board could not do anything other than accept Calvin Owens' resignation as mandated by state law and Owens' own knee-jerk resignation letter.

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