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CBS / KCAL covers dissent over Soltec's solar plant.

Posted: March 30, 2013

Dave Woods & Blondie
Blondie and Dave Woods during a walk on Mountain View Road.

      CBS / KCAL television in Los Angeles followed ABC's visit 2-days before in doing a human interest news story of the new solar facility being built on Mountain View Road. 

      The aired story was just under 2-minutes, slightly less than ABC's and it followed a similiar journalistic storyline in first introducing the project with an interview with Dave Woods who lives immediately across the street from the new industrial site.  The story was aired on both KCAL News (Channel 9) at 4 P.M. and CBS News (Channel 2) at 5 P.M. on Friday afternoon, March 29.

      In the story, reporter Greg Mills states, "The new owner (of the solar permit) made a new proposal stating that they would use less equipment with less land disturbance on the same parcel.  But less turned out to be more.  A whole lot more!  Instead of 7-foot panels, panels were 27-feet by 47-feet; with the county's approval."

      This statement is immediately followed with an interview with Ron Frame, First District supervisor Robert Lovingood's representative for the Newberry Springs' area, where Frame states, "I don't know if it could be called deceiving, but I think they painted a picture that wasn't quite as clear as it turned out to be."

      Frame's comment may have been edited out of context, but "they" appears to be referencing blame upon the developer for not having provided a proper description in the legal notice of modification; when clearly, it is the county's responsibility in properly preparing and mailing the legal notices.

      This county failure, and the county's failure to require a necessary environmental impact report over multiple issues, demonstrates the county's collusion in the project.

      Frame's comment appears to be a departure and a tone-down from his statement 2-days earlier with ABC whereby he appeared to be acknowledging that the county should have done a better job.

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