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The Salton Sea
Has A Lesson For Newberry

Posted: January 2, 2021
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
by Ted Stimpfel

    Over the past several years, The Desert Sun has been publishing news articles on the receding water of the Salton Sea.

    The impacts upon the downwind residents of the Salton Sea may foretell what will be experienced by Newberry's residents as a result of the Daggett Solar Power Project ripping open the desert's soil crust.

    One of the interesting Desert Sun's articles (linked below) mentions how dust control on the Owens Lake has already cost the City of Los Angeles' Department of Water & Power $1.8-billion.  And there are still dust problems there.

    The Owens Lakebed does not have a closeby downwind population like Newberry Springs that will be able to tie its damages to Clearway Energy, the power companies that purchase the power, the Newberry CSD, and the County of San Bernardino.

    Yes, through excessive stupidity, the Newberry CSD has entered into the big league of those to be litigated.

    Not only is the disturbance of the microscopic silica dust in our valley's Sand Transport Path a major concern, but so are the toxic particulates and pathogens that have been reportedly spread as fertilizer upon some of the solar parcels.

    We know that some local farmers have been using the toxic urban sewage sludge from Nursery Products as compost.  Compost from urban sewage treatment plants can consist of tens of thousands of different types of toxic substances that are never tested for.

The ignorance of the CSD's board of the threat does nothing to diminish it.

    While microscopic silica dust will lead to asbestos-type lung diseases in the local population over time, the toxic sludge compost can trigger more immediate respiratory ailments such as allergies and dangerous asthma attacks.  These ailments can develop lethal consequences for some people.

    Newberry Springs is not downwind to a drying lake as the communities in the following link.  Yet, the solar project's soil disturbance is expected to be more damaging.

    A difference is that Newberry's developing toxic situation can be stopped today but the callous corporate, county, and Newberry CSD officials have entered into monetary corruption.

Struggling Newberry resident is assisted by CSD Board buzzards.

    For the brave-hearted, click here for a glimpse of Newberry's future.


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