Pony up, you coward !

Posted: October 14, 2022
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
by Ted Stimpfel

Facebook 10/13/22
Regarding the blog found at:

    Political campaigns should be fun !   

    And the campaign for CSD directors in Newberry Springs should be fun too!

    CSD director Jack Unger, who is an incumbent trying to reseat himself on the CSD toilet, has been appearing in a delusional fog of early dementia during the last couple of months, publicly claiming that I am not who I profess to be.  Yes, me... Ted.  Or rather "Tim."

    Jack Unger claimed at last August's CSD general meeting, and repeatedly since on Facebook, the world-shaking news that I am Tim V. Stimpfel of Simi Valley.  Unger further claims that I have recently acquired a condo in Philadelphia.  Despite my denials, Jack Unger has adamantly held to his facts that he has uncovered on the Internet.

    For whatever reason, he has been unstable and unable to drop it.  So, I hereby PUBLICLY challenge Jack Unger to put his money where his mouth is.

    Starting at a minimum of $1,000 U.S.D., I will match a wager with Jack Unger, dollar to dollar, any amount up to $100,000, that I am not Tim V. Stimpfel.  Besides cash from Unger for his stake, I will accept a qualified equity note in real estate, his vehicle, or anything tangible.

    This is to demonstrate what a douchebag loser Jack Unger is.  An idiot that is so incompetent that he never should have been elected to the CSD board in the first place.

    If Unger wins, as a bonus, I will even quit claim to Unger my interest in the Philadelphia condo!

    Com'on Jack.  Here is your big chance in life!  Where are your guts that you earlier told Mona that you have?  Take the challenge!  Perhaps we can get Rose to officiate.

    Don't you have $1,000 to uphold your honor?  You do have personal honor worth $1,000, don't you?  If not, you shouldn't be on the CSD board.

    Or instead of taking the challenge, would you rather squirm and apologize now to Mona, me, and the community for your misinformation and continued stupidity?

The ineffective fiddling Nero
while Newberry suffers.

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