Newberry Residents Pissed  
       At The CSD Directors       

Posted: July 12, 2020
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
Blog by Ted Stimpfel

    I have received e-mails containing some very strong anger at CSD directors Robert Springer, Paula Deel, Jack Unger, Victoria Paulsen, and Larry Clark regarding their disgusting betrayal of Newberry Springs.

    To give a pulse to the feelings, I am sharing the following e-mail that references my previous blog:


    I am so upset, I have not stopped shaking for over an hour now.  Just the news of this is compromising my health.

    For those of us who cannot afford to move (thanks to property values that have been declining since this solar agenda started), this is a painful and perhaps a slow death sentence.  This will include many friends whom I have come to love and care about like they are family.  Also, my pets are my children and all the other wildlife in Newberry.  I am saddened beyond comprehension.

    It is unimaginable that 5 people could do this to their community when we clearly declared our condemnation of any settlement discussions or actions in favor of the solar project.  They are supposed to represent us!

    With most of the residents betrayed by the people they trusted to look out for them, they need to all be recalled.

    Just shocking that they would convey that setbacks will do anything against silica.  Just how high and how long of a barrier could they erect?  How does this somehow solve the violations of CEQA law?

    One thing I didn't understand about your article was the 10 million in mitigation being able to go for this God-forsaken hub.

    The problem with the law is that I guess you have to prove damages to get relief.  Which doesn't make sense if you want to stop someone or thing from causing you harm.

    The five fools better not run into me anywhere or they will be informed of what I think.

    Sad, sad day.

    Still want to thank you Ted for your unceasing efforts to help this community.  Why can't you run for the CSD office?

    Indeed, it is very sad that the elected CSD members do not have empathy for their constituents.  Their moral corruption and their high level of conniving secrecy are despicable.

    In my response to the above e-mail, I stated that I was sorry if I wasn't clear in my previous blog when I mentioned the $10-million number.

    The arrogant CSD fools who would not listen to their community probably still don't fully comprehend the pressure and the uncertainty upon the developer that their litigation was having in delaying the $1-billion-plus project.  The CSD held a strong case that may have delayed the project for an indefinite period.

    I know that if I was managing a $1B-plus project that was being delayed by litigation, I would happily "donate" $10-million for "mitigation" just to get the green light to start construction.  $10M represents less than 1% of the project.  I would have already had the funds built into the project's cost as a contingency.  In fact, I would have built-in a much higher contingency factor for cost overruns.

    In short, the money is there for mitigation but you won't get it if you are stupid.  The CSD directors have walked away with nothing meaningful for the community because they are. . .

    So, my $10M figure was low chump change which should have been easily negotiated, if not a higher figure.  Apparently, the secretive CSD board and the attorney that Director Jack Unger acquired, don't know how to properly negotiate.

    As someone else has e-mailed me, the CSD got badly snookered.  "A real sell out.  Except for the 200k+ they got nothing that isn't already spelled out in mitigation measures or the dust control plan they are required to file."

    For settlement, the CSD was offered a list of unenforceable and meaningless mitigation measures, some of which already existed, and the CSD thought that they were great negotiators.

    The Newberry CSD directors were played for who they are.  This goes back to an earlier blog which references Director Paula Deel inquiring if I thought that she was a Hillbilly?  Heck, Paula, even Hillbillies know better than to walk away from millions of dollars, available to the community, sitting on the table.

    I am totally opposed to the CSD's settlement, the damages to the community are far too great.  What I am pointing out is that the CSD directors could not even betray the community properly without screwing it up !

    As to myself running for CSD office, that is a consideration after this fiasco.  If I had acquired a seat in the last election, the secrecy and the current predicament that Newberry is in now, would not have happened.

    Unfortunately, the majority of voters continue to elect those who continue to depress Newberry.  I do not wish to be seated among them.  And, by placing last in the previous election, I do not believe that I am electable.  The majority of voters vote for recognizable names that continue to fail the community.

    In my retirement years, I am content to simply write about the CSD's constant blunders.

    The CSD directors initially took the right step in opposing the solar project but they then made an incredible tactical blunder.  This was later followed by their unexcusable dark sin against the community...  but it is time to move on.

    The CSD has doomed the community's best chance to protect itself, but there is a glimmer of fading hope for Newberry.  There are remaining measures that can be taken.  I don't see them happening because I don't see the community (as a whole) having enough pride in itself.

    While the CSD has betrayed Newberry, not all is lost.  If enough members of the community step forward, some actions can be taken.

    Silently, behind the scene, a small handful of residents have been actively opposing the project.  Unfortunately, they alone are not enough.  If the community wants to save Newberry, the community itself must quickly become actively involved.

Advice to the Newberry CSD directors.

    Registration sign-ups are now open for two Newberry CSD office seats currently occupied by Paula Deel and Larry Clark.  Apply with the Registrar of Voters.

    If interested in running, please feel welcome to contact us for possible support.

    Should you have any comments on the CSD's solar surrender, please tell us here.

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