Newberry Springs Fire Department
Broken Into And Burglarized

    Thieves are believed to have droven a vehicle down a driveway on the north side of the fire department.

Posted: June 12, 2014

      Sometime during the night of Wednesday, June 11, 2014, thieves reportedly drove off of Newberry Road onto a driveway on the north side of the Newberry Springs Fire Department's compound.

      Parking adjacent to the rear north fence line, the thieves are believed to have cut an opening in the hurricane fence to gain entrance to the rear of the compound.

      Breaking the lock to a trailer, the thieves took a gas powered electric generator.  Reportedly, the generator had an electrical output of 5,000 watts.  As of this post time, the loss of anything else is not known as an inventory check of other equipment and supplies have not been completed.

      The fire department's main equipment was locked in the department's main building in which the thieves did not acquire access to.

      There have been two other electric gas generators reportedly stolen within a week's time.  Following one of the thefts, the following day a suspecious red and white dually pick-up truck reportedly appeared at one of the properties but reportedly quickly departed upon the driver realizing that the property was occupied.

    Thieves allegedly drove their vehicle down a side driveway and apparently cut a fence to gain entrance onto the property.

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