Posted: September 5, 2021
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Commentary by Ted Stimpfel

      A House Of Cards       

    There has been a great deal of community controversy in Newberry Springs over the proposed housing of the infamous Sexually Violent Predator and serial rapist of children, Lawtis Donald Rhoden.

    With the housing having been supposedly promised to have been readied for Mr. Rhoden, I had presumed that the landowner had the property properly prepared.  And, I presumed the possibility that the property might not be insured against the known hazards of Newberry Springs.

    With the ease that unattended properties are looted, as my viewers know, I suggested to the property's controller (arguably an owner), Mr. William Petropoulos of Spring Valley Lake, the excellent idea of insurance.

Mea culpa.

    I must now make a correction.  The house at 47998 Lake Irene Drive in Newberry Springs doesn't need insurance for what I had envisioned.  It's too late!

    It seems that the house has already been stripped of almost everything, including the kitchen appliances and cabinets, and that it had not been made habitable for Rhoden.

    Earlier photographs publicly published by a realtor apparently missed certain views of damage.  Let's just say that one room might have direct ventilation to the attic.  Whether the house is up to Code and habitable... appears questionable.

    Is this what Liberty Healthcare has been spending state money on?  Com'on, we need a state investigation of this.

    We only have Liberty Healthcare as the go-to entity in California to handle the placement and the monitoring of all of the state's Sexually Violent Predators and the company has demonstrated, IMHO, major incompetence.

    If they can't perform the company's due diligence in recognizing the infeasibility of placing Lawtis Rhoden in Newberry Springs, how much confidence can we have in Liberty Healthcare to properly monitor and protect the community from Rhoden?  The company appears drunk at the wheel !

Tricking the judge.

    I see utter incompetence in Liberty Healthcare.  And, I feel somewhat sorry for Orange County's Superior Court Judge Megan Wagner who I feel that Liberty Healthcare has been screwing.  The judge should imbed her gavel into Liberty Healthcare's head.

    Liberty Healthcare should have had Rhoden appropriately situated in housing well over a year ago.  The judge has got to be frustrated.  Judge Wagner can not place Rhoden herself, she has to approve a recommendation by Liberty Healthcare.  And when Liberty Healthcare doesn't perform its duty to find an appropriate location, it ties up her court and it upsets communities.

    The September 2, 2021, court hearing in Fullerton had hours of solid testimony on major factors that had been overlooked, ignored, or more likely not researched by Liberty Healthcare on why the Newberry Springs address is not suitable for Rhoden's residency.  Liberty Healthcare isn't doing the job it is being paid for.

    Newberry Springs understands with the judge that Rhoden needs to be placed.  The question now is whether the judge allows Rhoden his constitutional right to be released, and as recommended by Liberty Healthcare.  Or whether the judge is willing to delay Rhoden's placement by requiring Liberty Healthcare to properly perform its job and find a safe location for him.

    This matter has been on the judge's desk for far too long.  She undoubtedly wants it to be over.  The question is whether she will reward Liberty Healthcare for stalling her through its continued incompetence.

Godisgood, Inc.

    Meanwhile, Godisgood, Inc., the Arizona non-profit that holds the title to the Lake Irene Drive property, and is managed by William Petropoulos, appears to have some questionable operational issues that the San Bernardino County District Attorney is planning to bring before the court.  So, the saga and suspense deepens.

Where's the cheese?

    Liberty Healthcare called for the September 2, hearing.  Yet, no Liberty Healthcare representatives were respectfully in the courtroom.  I believe that a handful were viewing on Webex but they did not speak.  As the matter is continued to September 24, they will have a turn to dance their spin.

The bus.

    Due to multiple concerns, including COVID-19, the marvelous bus accommodations for Newberrians were only one-quarter occupied as most residents drove themselves to the courthouse.

    The bus however was important and its occupants filled the last remaining seats in the courtroom.  The courtroom wouldn't have been able to handle more.  So, the hearing had an impressive packed showing of Newberry residents who spoke well before the judge.

The hearing has been continued to Sept. 24.

    The court hearing for the placement of Lawtis Rhoden in Newberry Springs has been continued to September 24, at the Fullerton Courthouse, Department N10 (or N2).  The address is 1275 N. Berkeley Avenue, Fullerton, CA 92832.

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