Calvin Owens Dismissed From
Newberry Springs
Volunteer Fire Department

Calvin Owens, with hair standing on end, has been dismissed from Newberry Fire.

No explanation has been publicly released.

August 22, 2013

      It was recently confirmed that ex-CSD director Calvin Owens was dismissed last week from the Newberry Springs Volunteer Fire Department by acting fire chief, Assistant Fire Chief Robert Rogers.  No explanation has been given behind the action.

      As a firefighter, Calvin Owens has been considered a highly skilled and praised asset of the volunteer department.  His release from the department, that has witnessed its skilled volunteers dwindling, is considered another disappointing loss.

      The fire department appeared to have been working well until it began to unravel early in 2012.  Newberry Springs property owner Tony "Goodstash" Cantor took an obsessive dislike to the Newberry CSD management and its fire department after an incident that occured at his property.  Although part of the allegations centered upon personnel from Yermo Fire, Cantor became a scary thorn to the Newberry CSD.

      Cantor found a number of problems legally substandard with the Newberry Springs Volunteer Fire Department, and as a law school graduate, he quickly began setting his teeth into them.  Threatening lawsuits against the CSD, its board and individuals, he pursuaded changes by the Seeley regime that should have been better handled.

      As a result, trained Newberry fire personnel were removed or quit.  That resulted in department instability, inadequate manpower, and the loss of important expertise, morale and cohesiveness within the department.  Since then, the fire department has seemingly been going down hill.  Owens removal being the latest element.

      At this time, it is not known if Owens' removal is permanent.

      Tony Cantor is remembered for circulating hundreds of controversial flyers within Newberry Springs and for the filing of a harassing lawsuit against one of Newberry's firefighters.  The matter was filed and heard in Torrance, California despite the proper venue appearing to have been Barstow.  This required the defendant to make repeated long trips to the Torrance courthouse.

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