Newberry CSD's New Slow Down
Road Signs Are Monuments To
The CSD's Retardation !

Monument on Valley Center just west of Newberry Road.


    Slow-moving tortoise, a slithering forked tongue snake, and a scavenging predator.  All highly accurate images for the Newberry CSD directors to symbolically memorialize themselves to!

    A couple of the CSD monument signs have been placed on each of Minneola Road, Newberry Road, Valley Center, and Silver Valley Road.

    Newberrians are largely independent people who don't like signs telling them what to do.  If you tell the locals to slow down on a wide-open desert road, many will instinctively respond by defiantly pushing the "pedal-to-the-metal."

    Useless and crazy "feel-good" road signs, such as those that were promoted by CSD director Jack Unger, are costly, they visually pollute the landscape, and they are counterproductive.  Yet, the signs are another one of Unger's many proud follies while on the CSD board.

    The unnecessary signs demonstrate how deficient the CSD is in its capability to understand and assign its efforts to address the community's true needs.

    When seeing one of these road signs in Newberry, also think of CSD directors Robert Springer, Paula Deel, Vickie Paulsen, and Margie Roberts who all supported Jack Unger's useless idea.

Summer programs and entertainment.

    This Summer other CSD's are enriching their communities with pandemic-safe Summer activities and entertainment programs for their kids and adults.  Except for the traditional 3rd of July fireworks, the Newberry CSD is offering NOTHING !

    But, the CSD was busy acquiring dimwitted road signs to control your behavior.

Newberry's new public water park.

    Where is the super large, grandiose "splash pad" proposed by the CSD's management last year?  Probably incompetently mishandled like Jack Unger and Vickie Paulsen's proposed grandiose civic hub.

    These peoples' heads are in fairyland but they live in Newberry.

Newberry Springs: Best place to live.

    Let's see...  the Daggett Solar Power Project will be soon polluting our air quality (thanks to our CSD's betrayal), the alfalfa farmers have just about depleted our residential water supply with their unsustainable pumping, many of the farmers have covered their fields with toxic urban sewage sludge that is now leaching into our water table, the local population has been naturally declining, the community is literally going to pot, Newberry Springs is still dependent upon Barstow for its simple basics, Newberry lacks meaningful jobs, we suffer from a corrupt county government, Newberry is 40-years behind in its infrastructure, and we have a defeatist CSD board that lacks courage, vision, capability and which doesn't listen to nor protects its residents.

    Don't expect any improvements for Newberry.  'It ain't com'in.'  This news blog website isn't about ranting, it has been a ten-year cry for the community's residents to...

Wake up and make the necessary corrections !

    Obviously, the voters have repeatedly stated their happiness with malfeasance and a substandard community.

  Posted: July 18, 2021
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
Over 10 years of sharing the Love.
by Ted Stimpfel


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