Posted: August 28, 2020
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
by Ted Stimpfel

Was the Newberry CSD's
Jodi Howard's post premature?

Small sampling of responses:


    I have been an advocate for a possible Splash Pad in Newberry Springs for years.  Helendale has had a small one for some time.  There are other improvements that Newberry should have already benefited from years ago.  That said, I find the Newberry CSD General Manager's above post most inappropriate.

    If GM, Jodi Howard's purpose is to poll the community on what park grant funds should be solicited for, it is highly inappropriate for the Newberry CSD to use a private, RESTRICTED website to do the survey.  Only those selectively preapproved to view the site might know of the survey and be allowed to post to it.

    That isn't open transparency!

    In one response to a question about water usage, Howard says that the Splash Pad would use recycled water.  That doesn't respond to evaporation nor address a host of many additional questions.

    Recycled water used for a public application requires special filtering and chlorination.

    As with a public swimming pool, there is the heavy cost of trained supervision and maintenance of equipment.

    Expect also a possible increase in insurance, security fencing, and vandalism.

    The CSD is currently struggling to maintain its simple Le Hayes Memorial Park as it exists today.  It is not just about the capital improvement, but the sustainability of the operation.

    Before exciting Newberry's residents about the possibility of having a Splash Pad, and show an illustration of a large Splash Pad, has the CSD done a study as to the feasibility of financially sustaining such an expensive operation?

    Has the General Manager done her due diligence in preparing a prior financial plan for the Splash Pad's operation?  If so, where is it?  Why isn't the full cost of a Splash Pad being provided?

    Newberry doesn't have the financial resources of Helendale.  Hopefully, this is something that the CSD can provide without further disappointing the public's hopes that the General Manager has now raised.

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