Posted: September 23, 2022
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
by Ted Stimpfel

Facebook 9/22/22
An exchange between CSD manager, Jodi Elder-Howard
and Teresita Briscoe.

  The Crazy CSD.  

    Like many people, I am not a viewer of Facebook websites which necessitates me to sign-up and go through a screening approval process for access.  But my friends knowing this, and seeing me mentioned on such a site, will e-mail me a screenshot like the one above.

    A virus form of paranoia seems to be contagiously spreading within the Newberry CSD offices.  Director and incumbent Jack Unger has been brain inflected and convinced that I am ghostwriting for the spirited CSD candidate Juan Manuel Figueroa and Unger believes that I am somehow also involved with Unger's evil Facebook nemesis, Ms. Briscoe.

    This delusion seriously demonstrates the progression of Jack Unger's mental decline and his aging cognitive ability to reason clearly.

    Through a search engine, Jack Unger has found my last name (different first name) associated with a property in Simi Valley so he has been publicly claiming another delusion that I have a clandestine life there.  It is never pleasant when the obvious signs are there that someone is losing it.


    And now, his mental state seems to have spread to his CSD colleague, General Manager Jodi Elder-Howard, who appears to be also implicating me with Teresita Briscoe (see the screenshot above).

    "I see her problem as not knowing that she doesn't know that she doesn't know so much."
                                                                  ~ Ted

    The CSD's General Manager, Jodi Elder-Howard, has always been a wobbler to me.  Someone that I haven't preferred because of her unrefined personality, but someone who I feel that if given proper support and training could blossom because I can see a desire in her to advance herself (which she slowly has).

    In my view, the GM has three weaknesses:
(1) A confrontational personality and angry frustration that works against her and the district she serves.  A recent example was her blow-up over a minor Commodities issue where she couldn't drop the matter and she called the Sheriff's Department on the volunteer workers; and, she later couldn't let go of the issue and she maliciously drafted up new CSD Guidelines and Procedures targeting Commodities and its volunteers.
(2) A second problem I see is her minimal education and lacking knowledge for her governmental CSD job.  She also allows the Board of Directors to micromanage her work.  Perhaps a competency issue?
(3) She fails to listen and hear good advice and implement it when presented by the community.

    Jodi demands, with a confrontational tone in the above screenshot,

"You really need to give me proof "LAWS" that CSD BOARD could have done what you say."
  Actually, I need to give Jodi nothing.  I don't work for her.  And if she was worthy of her job, she would already possess the information she asks.


    The above request from the GM demonstrates her vast ignorance on the topic. If she had read and comprehended the Community Alliance's published news blogs starting from November 16, 2017, she could comprehend how the County has illegally set up Newberry Springs for the Clearway Energy's solar project.

    This would have timed (late 2017) when Clearway Energy would have been having private meetings with Terry Rahhal (LUSD) as to how the solar project could be worked into the Mojave Valley.

    Despite numerous Community Alliance news blogs detailing the illegal violations, and despite my many oral pleadings before the CSD board to act early to acquire inexpensive professional CEQA expertise, and with even expert Pat Flanagan of Desert Heights (Twenty-nine Palms) giving an oral presentation before the board documenting specific violations, Jodi and the board have arrogantly refused to act appropriately.

    Jodi Elder-Howard now wants to know the applicable Law.  Heck, why doesn't she just read the CSD's Superior Court filing against the County?  While not complete with all of the violations, it has most and more than enough even without any complaint amendments to have been successful.

    This is like assinine Jack Unger who many months after surrendering to the County, still thinks that the litigation was filed against Clearway when it was an action filed against the County.  No one on the CSD board seems to know what they are doing!

    The CSD had the County by the proverbial balls.  It was pure stupidity for the directors to cave in.  None of the involved CSD directors deserve to remain on the CSD board.

  The CSD is an abyys of moral depravity.   

    The Newberry CSD directors, including incumbents Robert Springer and Jack Unger, and GM Jodi Elder-Howard, all appear to be failing to be honest and owning up to the knowledge and documentation that their malfeasance in office has caused great physical, emotional, and economic harm to many hundreds of residents, especially in the northwestern portion of Newberry Springs.  And soon the entire community.

    Against the wishes of the Friends of Newberry Springs and hundreds of other residents, the Newberry CSD directors dropped their litigation against the County of San Bernardino which then green-lighted the solar construction.

    As for Teresita Briscoe, she is absolutely correct that the County needed to follow State and County Laws in permitting the Clearway solar project.  The CSD's litigation had listed multiple violations to overturn the the County's issued construction permit.  The CSD's litigation could have stopped the project.  But Robert Springer and Jack Unger, the two top CSD directors involved in the litigation, seriously screwed things.

    Ms. Briscoe was correct in documenting the CSD's failure by referencing:

Note: CSD director Margie Roberts was not on the board at the time of the CSD's mammoth screwup of canceling the litigation against the County.

The ineffective fiddling Nero
while Newberry suffers.

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