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  Newberry Springs Fire Department 
  To Celebrate With A New Engine 

Posted: February 23, 2024
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
by Ted Stimpfel

Come Celebrate!

    Join the Newberry Springs Volunteer Fire Department on Saturday, February 24th at 1 PM for a festive event to celebrate the installation of their new "E392" fire engine!

    This traditional ceremony, known as a "push-in," will officially mark the engine's placement into service at Station 392, located next to the Newberry Springs Elementary School.

    The event is open to the public, and everyone is encouraged to attend, especially families with children! Come witness this exciting moment for the fire department and enjoy the festivities, including:

      Witnessing the ceremonial "pushing-in" of the new engine
      Meeting the dedicated firefighters who serve the community
      Learning about fire safety and prevention
      Enjoying refreshments and activities for all ages

    The engine arrived on January 7th and has been undergoing preparations for service, including:

     Receiving new decals
     Acquiring essential peripheral equipment

    This new addition will undoubtedly enhance the capabilities of the Newberry Springs Volunteer Fire Department, ensuring they are well-equipped to respond to emergencies and keep the community safe. Don't miss this opportunity to celebrate their dedication and support the vital services they provide!

     Date: Saturday, February 24th
     Time: 1 PM
     Location: Station 392 (next to the N.S. Elementary School)

    Please share this information with your friends and family! Let's come together and show our appreciation for the brave firefighters who serve our community.

A little history about push-ins can be found here.

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