Major Portions Of Route 66 Loop Between
Newberry And Mountain Springs Road
Still Closed Due To Storm Damage


Orange lines in center of illustration mark portions of Route 66 that remain closed.

October 1, 2014

    Severe thunderstorm runoff that hit the eastern Mojave High Desert on September 7th and 8th washed out many portions of Route 66.

    The storm damaged numerous segments of Route 66 (National Trails Highway) roadbed, including a reported 40-plus bridges between Ludlow and Mountain Springs Roads.  Most of the damaged roadbed is reported to be minor requiring fill and an overlay of asphalt. 

    Some bridges have had their flow abutments washed out and will need new timber for support and flow alignment.

    A few bridges have received considerable damage.  Portions of Route 66, such as between Ludlow and Amboy, upon reopening will be posted with a maximum vehicle weight of only 3-tons.  This allows personal vehicles but it restricts the popular Class C and larger Class A recreational vehicles, and buses.

    Amboy, which has been working to build-up tourism on Route 66, is especially hard hit by the road closures.

    The county is now working with those who commonly use Route 66 with heavier vehicles, such as Southern California Edison, railway companies, the military, and others to educate them on the new weight limits that were approved by the county Board of Supervisors early last week.

    According to Brendon Biggs, Deputy Director of Operations for the county's Department of Public Works, the stretch of roadbed between the community of Cadiz and Mountain Springs Road is expected to remain closed for at least two months.

    Currently, Amboy through Cadiz is being accessed by Kelbaker Road from the north and Amboy and Cadiz Roads from the south.

    The above map was taken from a County of San Bernardino website on road closures that can be located here for enlargement.  The above pictured illustration is current as of October 1, 2014.

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