Proposed County Ordinance On Hold
Proponents Seek Community Support


Posted: April 18, 2015

      Jeff Gaastra, a resident of Newberry Springs who spearheaded a committee that prepared a proposed county ordinance to help protect the local water basin from increased overdrafting, has announced the withdrawal of the proposal for the present.

      Gaastra, and his committee members proposing the water conservation ordinance, came under community opposition, that raised questions whether the community supported the ordinance.

      Though the general language and outline of the proposed ordinance was very well done, some community opposition felt that the proposal stymied needed growth in Newberry; others felt that the proposed ordinance didn't go far enough; and others wanted it to address current farming pivot practices.  Still others found ambiguity in open-ended wording that could lead to legal wrangling.

      In an e-mail communication, Jeff Gaastra wrote, "There has been some pushback from the community on the proposed County Water Ordinance.  After listening to the concerns I have decided to wait until after the May 29th court proceedings to work on this issue."  The May 29th court matter is presumed to be Superior Court's Judge Gloria Trask's stance on the Watermaster's recommendations on the Baja Subarea adjudication.

      Gaastra further stated, "In the mean time, please continue to discuss this proposed ordinance with your neighbors and write down any good ideas so we can include them at a later date."  So with some much needed tweeking, the proposed ordinance may be back.

      As suggested by the Stearn's billboard, the Blotter hopes to provide further information on the proposed ordinance should more become available.

Proposed County Ordinance Currently On Hold

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