Shameful Greed As
CSD Board Considers
Increasing Their Pay

Director Larry Clark wants a pay increase.

Posted:  January 19, 2019

    Larry Clark, a Newberry Springs Community Services (CSD) director (pictured below), has proposed a 60% increase in the stipends that the five directors receive.

    The directors currently receive $50.00 for each CSD meeting that they attend.  Clark has placed an agenda item for the CSD's Tuesday, January 22, 2019 meeting, asking that the $50.00 stipend be increased to $80.00.

    That's $400.00 per meeting that would be better spent on the community's fire department.

    The Newberry Springs Community Alliance has long held that the directors should serve the community without any stipend enrichment.

    The directors principally set policies and oversee the performance of staff and expenditures.  They voluntarily run in public elections to fill a director's seat and to serve the community.  The position isn't to immorally steal from the CSD treasury to serve themselves.

    Three votes are needed on the board for the directors to further enrich themselves and Director Larry Clark will most likely have the support of recently elected Director Jack Unger.

    Jack Unger, as reported in the previous news blog, has stated his belief that Newberry Springs citizens want to reward their CSD board members with a "generous stipend."  This kind of corrupt thinking of elected public service opens the limited CSD treasury to a directors' raid of self-serving engorgement.

    The Newberry CSD board should do away with stipends altogether and the directors should be simply working (if one wants to call their oversight 'work') for the community without any self-enrichment from public funds.  Unfortunately, it appears that some do-little directors run for office principally for the supplemental stipend income.  They apparently need the supplementary income because they are incapable of earning it elsewhere.  This is a disappointing reflection of the caliber of some.

    Historically, in the past decade, the stipend for the CSD directors was raised from $50.00 to $100.00 per meeting, including Special Meetings.  After a number of Special Meetings (sometimes two per month), the public outcry was so great that the increase was returned to $50.00 per meeting.

    Unfortunately, selfish greed can't be kept away from elected office for long and they're at it again!

    This blog site will be reporting on how the directors vote on this issue.

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