2022 Newberry CSD
Election Results

Posted:  November 9, 2022
Updated Numbers: December 7th 4 P.M.

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    The two Newberry CSD incumbent candidates attempting to retain their seats appear to have succeeded. 

    Robert Springer and Jack Unger, the two directors who were most responsible for the CSD's community betrayal with the CSD's withdrawal of litigation that was blocking Clearway Energy, have been rewarded for their betrayal.

    Michael Matson, Sr., a political newbie, has succeeded in his first attempt to serve on the board by nudging out Juan Manuel Figueroa.

    In the early results, all three of the leading candidates appear to have enough of a lead over candidate Juan Manuel Figueroa to secure their position.  Figueroa operated a lifeless campaign in which he failed to adequately introduce himself.

    The Clearway Energy solar project has been having a devastating impact on many residents and it was expected that the CSD incumbents allowing Clearway would be held responsible.  However, the incompetence of the CSD to properly protect the community remains a reflection of the voter base.

    The election of Michael Matson should ignite a little spark on the board as Matson is expected to be a challenger to the CSD's methodology of doing business.

    Despite Michael Matson having opposition to Clearway Energy, he is nonetheless open to accepting Clearway's money for community projects.  The Newberry CSD's collusion and support of Clearway's propaganda are expected to continue.

    Clearway Energy has been openly and notoriously poisoning Newberry Springs with increased levels of carcinogenic silica dust.  The dust will have long-term health and financial negative impacts on many residents.

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