Posted: November 7, 2021
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
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by Ted Stimpfel

   Judge is still considering Rhoden  
       for Newberry Springs house.       

Orange County Judge Megan Wagner presiding in her courtroom
during the Lancaster placement hearing for Lawtis Rhoden.

The latest update on Lawtis Donald Rhoden.

    After a public hearing on Friday, November 5, 2021, for the possible placement of Lawtis Donald Rhoden in northeastern Lancaster, California, Superior Court Judge Megan Wagner stated her possible placement locations for Rhoden.

    She has ruled out Orange County and Twentynine Palms.  She appears to be currently considering either Lancaster or Newberry Springs.

    An additional site, not disclosed, has been looked at but it doesn't appear to have any traction at this time with the court.

    The judge at the end of the November 5th hearing inquired how much money is being laid out monthly by Liberty Healthcare.  Without declaring what specific properties were involved, a Liberty Healthcare representative stated $8,500 monthly on two sites.

    While it is unknown what expenses are included in the $8,500, nor what properties are involved, my wild guess would be that the $8,500 is being split between the Lancaster and the Newberry Springs properties as holding rent fees.  What else is there?

    While not announcing which property, the Liberty representative stated that one of the landowners wanted a 5-year lease.  That idea wasn't received well.

    The Lancaster opposition points sounded very much like the earlier Newberry Springs' opposition points... nearby living conflicts, a lack of sheriff coverage in the area, poor cellular reception, neighborhood fears, et cetera.

    New elements include a concentration of homeless people near the Lancaster site, some of whom stray onto the property and visit the two dozen old empty trailers stored at the site.  Another unfavorable point is the unpaved roads to the house that after heavy rains sometimes become unusable for days due to clay.

    As stated in previous blogs, the judge needs to place Rhoden soon as his Constitutional Rights have already been denied him for two years.  I am personally impressed with the judge who is being very conscientious in considering the limited sites being presented before her by Liberty Healthcare.

    While the Lancaster opposers have presented many similar objections as Newberry did, important road access problems to the Lancaster house favor a Rhoden placement in Newberry.  However, Rhoden has convictions in both Los Angeles and Orange counties and the judge can only place Rhoden in San Bernardino County if an extra-ordinary situation exists that a residence cannot be located in either Los Angeles or Orange counties.

    Well, there is now a residence available in Los Angeles County, so the extra-ordinary legal excuse to place Rhoden in San Bernardino County is invalid.  While the judge has the final say and could go with Newberry Springs, I suspect that Rhoden will be dropped on Lancaster.

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