Senior Center's Management  
  Refused To Meet  

Behind the scene.

•   Editorial   •
December 12, 2012

      The Newberry Springs Community Alliance has been at the forefront in the opposition to the local senior association receiving yet another bail out of community trust funds.

      The opposition has not been about the private senior service organization receiving public assistance; but over the proposed source of the funds and structure; and the aspect that the senior association keeps returning for community public funds but refuses to open its financial books for public inspection.  It's time for the association to get its house in order.

      How thick the flow of red ink is by the senior association's mismanagement isn't publicly known because the management has been covering it up by refusing to be transparent.

      With income also coming from the United Way, billboards revenues, thrift sales, memberships, fundraisers, donation jars around the community, Bingo, and unlisted donation gifts, why can't the senior association balance its books?  Until basic questions are known, and clear financial remedies are in place, the CSD should not continue to breach its fiduciary duty to Newberry's citizens by throwing yet more community fund money at the failing and broken senior association.

      The Community Alliance does recognize the importance of the Senior Center's role in the community and does want it to succeed.  To that end a representative of the Community Alliance reached out on Friday, December 7, 2012 and verbally made contact with a member of the senior center's management; making a request to personally meet and talk and hopefully find a resolution to the mutual satisfaction of all.

      The seniors' representative responded that he wasn't interested and that the Community Alliance had "borderline defamed" him.  He stated that if the Community Alliance wanted to discuss anything, to do it in a written proposal (the tone appeared to be made in a bitter response to the Community Alliance earlier suggesting that the senior association needed a written business plan for the association's requested funding).

      It is obvious that the senior association has management that is beset with its own personal ego.  That has no place above the best interests of the senior association.  Business people with opposing interests regularly come together to meet and resolve issues.  The senior association's management won't and that is a further indication that the association has the wrong management.