Seated defiantly in his CSD director's chair, Larry Clark has been previously supporting the Daggett Solar Power project and hasn't appeared to mind flipping-off the majority of the community.

Scrappy Dog Fight Expected At
Tuesday's CSD Meeting!

Posted: December 15, 2019
Newberry Springs Community Alliance

by Ted Stimpfel

A moment of great community pride.

    It was at the September 24, 2019, CSD meeting that Newberry residents proudly took a stand to protect themselves, their families, their homes, and their community.

    They took over the CSD meeting and strongly voiced their demand that the CSD directors file an appeal of the County's Planning Commission's approval of the Daggett Solar Power 1 project.

    The appeal before the County Supervisors would not have taken place if the Newberry residents did not turn out in force at that meeting.

Three months later.

    Fast forward three months and the County Board of Supervisors have ignored portions of their own Development Code, the California Environmental Quality Act, and state and federal laws, in denying the Newberry CSD's appeal.

    It had been hoped that the Supervisors would listen enough to understand the background of the appeal.  Unfortunately, being late sleepers they are too busy and they relied heavily upon the corrupt leadership of their Land Use Services Department.

    The LUSD leadership had processed the solar application and having recommended the project to the Planning Commission, they naturally recommended the appeal's denial.

    It also didn't help that our own First District Supervisor, Robert Lovingood, knifed us badly by quickly motioning for the denial.  Since the solar project is in Lovingood's district, the other Supervisors followed his lead.

So what happens now.

    Well, Newberry Springs can roll over and accept the 5.5-square mile solar project.  It can embrace itself slowly withering away and dying like many other communities that once dotted Route 66.  The limited infrastructure of the Senior Center, the elementary school, and the churches will gradually close.

    Or, the community can "Fight On!   This would involve a filing for a judicial appeal in the state's Superior Court or the federal court.  I feel that we have grounds for both, although the route most normally traveled is the Superior Court.

So what is the problem?

    Well, there will be some different dynamics at the next CSD meeting.  Board members were shocked last September by the community's turnout and the unified demand that an appeal be filed.  The Board had entirely miscalculated the temperature of the community.

    Despite a united audience last September demanding the appeal being filed, Paula Deel tried to argue that there may be many in the community that didn't want the appeal.  As Deel didn't have any supporters at that meeting and no one was buying her argument, she was somewhat pressed into going along with the will of her constituents.

    Deel was correct, there is a handful in the community that do want solar to take over the valley and they were not at the meeting.  They are called alfalfa farmers who after pumping our aquifer dry and who, after being ramped down, are now seeking an exit strategy.  They want to sell-out to the solar developers despite the pricey damages to Newberry.

    Expect Paula Deel to be supported by the alfalfa farmers at the next CSD meeting.

Follow the money.

    Paula Deel is seated with the pro-solar demonstrators at the Board of Supervisors's appeal hearing December 10, 2019.  (Click image to enlarge.)

    After Paula Deel closed her Newberry supply business, Clearway Energy has offered to support Paula Deel's Chamber of Commerce and possibly Deel's NSEDA organization.  Is this a new cash flow to cover possible salary expenses that Paula Deel wouldn't otherwise have?  Is this why she has been supportive of Clearway Energy?

    Is this why Paula Deel might be throwing Newberry Springs under the bus as Supervisor Robert Lovingood did?

Newberry's elected.

    The Community Services District has a five member Board of Directors.

    The path that Paula Deel takes is often followed by Vickie Paulsen.  So if Deel votes for solar, Paulsen might support her.

    Vickie Paulsen, however, spent a great deal of time preparing for the appeal's presentation as the CSD's co-presenter.  She understands it.  Paulsen appears to stand as her own woman and will probably support the overall community with Jack Unger.

    Paula Deel has learned the cash benefit of supporting billboards and now appears to be attempting to collect from Clearway Energy.  Why else would she be indicating clear signs of selling-out Newberry Springs?

    With Paula Deel probably having the alfalfa farmers at the next CSD meeting to support her last September argument, and with Director Larry Clark previously favoring solar, one additional flipped vote could torpedo Newberry.

    Both President Robert Springer and Jack Unger appear as the strongest pillars for the community.  They appear to be hearing the overwhelming majority of residents who do not want a the solar takeover.

    The majority of residents in Newberry Springs have thousands of dollars in home assets riding on the CSD's decision.  It will be interesting to see how many residents care enough to show up at next Tuesday night's meeting.

CSD Board Meeting
Tuesday, December 17, 2019
6 P.M.
Newberry CSD Building
30884 Newberry Road
South end of Newberry Road.

  Fight evil.  Please spread the word
and attend.  It is the right thing to do.

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