Posted: March 5, 2021
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
by Ted Stimpfel

Facebook comment from previous blog.

Some People Do Get It !

    Seeing Darlene Perry's March 4th comment impressed me.  Yes, Newberry has been changing.  And not for the better.

    Demographics for any community will change over time, but the quality of a community can be controlled and improved.

    Two keys necessary for a quality community are the majority of the residents must want it and be willing to be vocal, and they must elect leaders who know how to actually achieve it.

    Let's face it.  From a growing retirement community, Newberry Springs has transitioned into a rural slum where the population and the property values have dropped, enticing further decay.

    The local population for years has allowed the precious water under their land to be pumped dry, they have allowed the importation of thousands of tons of toxic sewage sludge to be disposed of over their water table, and they have allowed solar farms to contaminate their air.

    NSEDA mismanaged the Desert Trails Promise Zone opportunity, and the Chamber has driven out business investment.  The internal problems within Newberry are many and often involves greed and the egocentrism of the players.

    Crap that no quality community would ever put-up with!   But Newberry does, and by its citizens' inaction, welcomes it.

    Newberry residents are happy to have less for themselves and their children.  They are happy to live in a squalor community.  They don't mind having their property values reduced by others enriching themselves.

    If there is ever going to be an improved change, we need more people like Darlene Perry speaking-up and recognizing the obvious.


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