In a strange time.   

Posted: May 1, 2020
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
by Ted Stimpfel

    Like most people nowadays, I have gone into self-seclusion as the Chinese horrifying virus has spread across the planet.

    For anyone interested in having some background knowledge regarding the virus, I suggest watching a 54-minute Youtube video here.  While there is some room for speculation in academia as to how the Wuhan virus originated, this documentary points an exceptionally strong finger.  The video is worth watching.

    The Coronavirus, with its Spike Glycoprotein (which allows the virus to easily penetrate human cells), will remain a demon for a long-time.  At least, until a vaccination can be made readily available for the world's most susceptible population.

    At the time of this writing, the world's reported expert consensus is that the Chinese government had no involvement in the virus' development.  If so, the question remains as to why the Chinese government went to such lengths to block information about the virus?   If this was just another natural virus strain, why the fear of the world having early knowledge?

    From my Chinese contacts in the U.S., they tell me that their communications with family members in China indicate that China's population has been impacted far beyond what the government there indicates.

Lacking competency.

    Locally, the Newberry CSD's lockdown continues to demonstrate the CSD's lack of leadership during this time of crisis.  While other governmental agencies have been live-streaming their continued public meetings, the CSD directors have canceled theirs.

    Conducting a meeting using the Internet is easy.  Many thousands of schools are maintaining their classroom instruction with students using such software as Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, or Zoom.  Unfortunately, the Newberry CSD appears dumbfounded and lacking the ability to hold such meetings.  Of course, it may be a convenient excuse to avoid transparency and to avoid answering public questions regarding the solar litigation.

    The lack of CSD creativity continues to be a formable cancer that has been eating away at the community for years.  The community's lack of basic business infrastructure reflects the ineptness of the CSD and that of the so-called Chamber of Commerce.  Yet, the failed leadership of these organizations persist.

    Despite Newberry continuing to remain a community of squalor, voters continue to vote time and again for popular names that maintain the deficiencies.

Daggett Solar Power Project

    The Newberry CSD's General Manager, Jodi Howard, has been claiming on social media that nothing is going-on  regarding the Daggett solar project due to the county's Superior Court's partial closure.  She ignores the community's on-going OUTRAGE!   There is much going-on.

    The CSD's directors Robert Springer, Paula Deel, Vickie Paulsen, Jack Unger, Larry Clark, and General Manager Jodi Howard's continuing systematic violations against the Brown Act, violations of acting in darkness against transparency, and their rejection of legitimate Public Records Act requests, are all deeply disturbing.

    The CSD directors supposedly filed defensive litigation against the Daggett Solar Power Project for the community's protection using community funds.  Yet now, the directors are refusing to listen to the community and keep the community informed.

    Despite citizens packing two CSD board meetings and 300 residents signing a Friends of Newberry Springs' petition against the solar project, the CSD's attorney has reportedly called all of these residents 'a radical splinter group'  that shouldn't be listened to.

    As a result of the flammable attitude by the CSD, which is directed by President Robert Springer, several Newberry organizations have joined together under the Newberry Springs Property Owners Association and the original Friends of Newberry Springs.  With initial donations, they have hired an attorney to represent the community's interests.

    Such a radical action wasn't taken lightly and it illustrates the extreme alienation created by the egoistic CSD board members against the community's residents.

    The renegade CSD directors have created a terrifying fear within Newberry.  The directors' repeated assertion that they may possibly settle the litigation has infuriated the residents.

    Newberry is a health sensitive community comprising of a high percentage of elderly residents with respiratory problems such as Chronic Bronchitis, Silicosis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, and lung cancer.  Any settlement means the Daggett solar project WILL BE BUILT creating hazardous airborne silica dust upon Newberry Springs.

    A CSD betrayal settlement of greed and shortsightedness would trap many residents unable to afford to move from Newberry.  Impoverished residents would be trapped in a decaying community besieged by carcinogenic dust.  Property values will continue to drop, destroying retirement investments.

    The community's Friends of Newberry Springs have stated that they would prefer to work with the CSD in having a united front in bringing the Complaint before the court for judgment, but they want the community's best interest represented... No Settlement !

    Unfortunately, the political reality is that the CSD board wants money for Director Jack Unger's new Civic Hub dream.  Directors Paula Deel and Vickie Paulsen also want money for their screwy NSEDA farm project.  It may be about the money !

Friends of Newberry Springs

    The original Friends of Newberry Springs ( have circulated a petition in the community and have collected several hundred signatures against the Daggett Solar Power Project.

    The Friends have done a U.S. Postal Service mail follow-up to those who signed the petition requesting an e-mail response.  If you signed the petition and haven't responded, please do so.

    A few USPS mailings were returned due to difficult-to-read mailing addresses on the petition.  For petition signers who haven't responded, please click here.

Planet Of The Humans

    Michael Moore has placed his backing on a documentary by Jeff Gibbs that does an interesting revelation on Renewable Energy.  Daggett is mentioned and the educational video has upset many supporting industrial Renewable Energy, including the shaken Sierra Club which has denounced the production.

 This full-length documentary is 1-hour 40-minutes long.

    The documentary has been creating many critical reviews as can be expected by the nature of the movie.

    Anyone recognizing who this late-night cruising vehicle belongs to, that has been checking out properties, is requested to please send the information here.

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