Route 66 Corridor Management Plan
Tour To Travel Needles To Barstow

Tour to get its kicks on the route December 3 to 5.

Posted: November 28, 2013

What is the Corridor Management Plan?

      The Route 66 Corridor Management Plan (CMP) is an effort to collect and package supportive data meeting the criteria necessary for the federal government's establishment of a National Scenic Byway designation for the portion of Route 66 between Needles and Barstow, California.

      This designation is critical for the future preservation of the history, education, recreation, tourism opportunities, and future "Gateway Communities" of the fabled Mother Road.

      The establishment of the designation of a National Scenic Byway for Route 66 through our local communities will open-up economic opportunities for businesses, investors, and other stakeholders who may want to promote the "Main Street of America."

      Of the eight states that Route 66 travels through, five already have the National Scenic Byway designation for the route.  California lacks the designation for any part of its portion.

      The Bureau of Land Management, California Desert District, acquired a grant from the Department of Transportation for the CMP study and has teamed with the California Historic Route 66 Association to lead the study.  The National Park Service and other organizations are active supporters.

About the tour.

      The California Historic Route 66 Assocation has hired a Washington, D.C. firm, Lardner-Klein, who will be preparing the CMP.  The principle purpose of the field trip is to familiarize the Washington, D.C. CMP staff with the actual route.  To assist in that, the field trip is being guided by the reknown San Bernardino county historian, Roger Hatheway.

      A charter bus has been hired for transport and invitations have been extended to civic leaders along the route to participate in the familiarization tour and to learn of the purpose of the CMP, the benefits of a National Scenic Byway designation, and the people and organizations behind it.

      Invitations are now closed at this time to participate in the 3-day trip that includes free transportation and lodging for the participants.

      The tour concludes Thursday morning, December 5, with a half-day tour in Barstow.

      The Newberry Springs Community Alliance anticipates that it will be assisting with one or more local workshops in the Barstow/Newberry Springs area in early 2014 to acquire public input for the CMP.

      Newberry Springs and Daggett residents interested in assisting in the promotion of the Route 66 CMP in their community can contact the Newberry Springs Community Alliance at e-mail: newberrysprings (at)

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