Newberry CSD Pres. Jack Unger  
  And Fired General Manager  
  Profess Their Love  

Posted: June 2, 2023
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
by Ted Stimpfel

After being fired and shaming herself,
ex-GM continues to show poor image.

    Jack Unger's initial statement that it is "Time to make a fresh start," is exciting!  Is he referring to his own retirement from the board?  If so, perhaps Newberry Springs can get on the right track.

    In Jodi Howard's above post, Howard throws a punch at Jack Unger stating, "Jack Unger maybe worry about getting your property permitted."

    Jodi's boyfriend Casey Jones has been reported to have illegally used the Newberry CSD's computer to file an online complaint to the county's Code Enforcement about Director Paula Deels' alleged property violations.  This reporting has been said to have taken place in the presence of another director who witnessed it.

    So, it has been assumed that Mr. Jones might have also been the recent snitch that reported a code violation to the county's Code Enforcement against the property of another director, Jack Unger.

    Between Director Robert Springer, President Jack Unger, and former General Manager Jodi Howard, we now have a fire department that has equipment that is literally failing.  Aging emergency response equipment that is no longer dependable.  Thankfully, we have mutual aid agreements with our neighboring fire departments.

    Despite the financial bungling by the poorly functioning CSD management, the CSD's Fire Chief, Daphne Lanier, has been doing an outstanding and marvelous job to keep the fire department afloat.  To protect the fire department's interests, she has temporarily stepped in to manage the bare necessities of the CSD's office.

    The CSD's lawsuit settlement against the County should have easily been for an amount that would have allowed the fire department to become the most modernized and the best equipped in the county, but the CSD's ignorance and incompetence ruled poorly as usual.

    That colossal bungling in 2020, was under the CSD watch of directors Robert Springer, Jack Unger, Paula Deel, Victoria Paulsen, and Larry Clark.  General Manager was Jodi Howard.

And then there is Casey Jones,
fiancé of Jodi Howard...

    Mr. Jones has a low-level job with the Sheriff's Department and frankly, in my humble opinion, his recent actions have been an embarrassment.  I believe that he thinks that he knows the law but it only appears to be enough to get Howard into a quagmire.

    The General Manager's job is to carry out the policies and the directions of the board.  If the board of directors is not satisfied with a General Manager's performance, the board can fire the GM without any prior notice or cause.  I am just surprised that the board waited as long as it did.

    To be clear, as a CSD General Manager, a person is employed solely at the Will of the board of directors.  It is not a civil service job with a union or any other protection.  People take these jobs knowing that at any time, they may be asked to leave.

    Casey Jones and Jodi Howard are now upset that the board is not condoning Jodi Howard's secret and illegal employment with the Daggett CSD as its GM.  Such employment is a flagrant conflict of interest violation as I have previously reported.

    Casey Jones has written a timeline litany (above) that even if accurate, so what?  It is moot!  Jones and Howard have no legal grounds (IMHO) to be whining.  It is past time that they stop being argumentative and grumpy and move on with their lives.

    As I have blogged in the past, there is a long trail of Howard's indiscretions, actions, and inactions that have finally led to her dismissal.

    Other part-time staff members have indeed left their jobs in sympathy with Howard (including her mother).  If they condone the dysfunctional office under Howard, then it is best for the CSD that they are gone.  We need better CSD management.

    It is interesting to note in Mr. Jones' above-posted statements, that he states revelations of highly secret and privileged internal facts of the Newberry CSD directors' closed sessions.  How and where did he acquire such information that is illegal for a third-party, such as Jones, to have?

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