Newberry Springs in Sierra Club's Publication

Posted: July 31, 2022
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
by Ted Stimpfel

    The Desert Report, a quarterly publication of the Sierra Club, has a special released issue today (electronic form) that focuses on photovoltaic produced solar energy.

    The issue intends to investigate whether solar energy can make a significant impact on climate change, and what is the impact of photovoltaic solar energy production on the public and the land.

    The printed issues are expected to be available about August 21, 2022.

    "The articles are quite detailed and a bit wonky," commented Craig Deutsche, editor, "but the information is solid..."

    Of special interest to Newberrians is an article by Pat Flanagan titled Scraped Earth And Desert Winds: Fugitive Dust which includes reference to the Mojave Valley and Newberry Springs (Page 6).

    Of additional interest to me is the article on page 8, A Costly Ommission In Planning For Climate Change.  The author, Robin Kobaly, has co-authored a beautifully illustrative book, The Desert Underground, which I have purchased multiple copies.

    This special Sierra Club edition is great for those who want to have knowledge of the environment we live in.  There is much more to it than we know.

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