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  Spring Valley Lake Couple Aiding 
      A Serial Molester Of Children    

  Posted: August 23, 2021
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More trash !

    I had felt that enough had been previously reported on this news blog about William and Schellie Petropoulos of Spring Valley Lake, California, who are trying to profit from their house rental for Lawtis Rhoden, a serial rapist of young girls.  But, the creepy story continues.

    The background of Lawtis Donald Rhoden is documented.  Despite Rhoden having a victim list of numerous young children, most sexual assaults don't get reported.  The disgusting agenda and the methodology of Liberty Healthcare are well known up and down California as revealed in Google searches and Youtube videos.

    Then there is the sordid linkage of the two by profiteers who stoop so low as to facilitate the release of the Sexually Violent Predator by providing their rental property in a family community.

    This blog touches upon my belief that Liberty Healthcare and those who supply it with housing are predators themselves.  Their agenda appears to be the making of money at the expense of damaging other people's communities.

The following is a sharing of
my experiences and beliefs.

    After I had departed the Petropoulos' residence on Saturday, August 7, 2021 (see the previous August 14th blog), the Petropoulos' reportedly made a report to the Sheriff's Department regarding my visit.  Oh, my!  More garbage!

    Gee, these people are trying to financially profit by moving a hardened sexual predator of young children into our Newberry Springs residential community, stigmatizing our community, lowering our property values, and if you stop by to inquire with them about it, they try to intimidate you by crying to law enforcement.

    I wasn't aware of their Sheriff report until 12-days after my visit when a Sheriff's detective telephoned me to acquire my description of the events.

    Apparently, the Petropoulos' expected to remain anonymous, and they were badly shaken to have someone come to their Spring Valley Lake door.  Well, their domicile is the closest thing to a physical business address in California that they offer, and, they don't return phone calls.

    Unknown to me at the time of my visit, I was not the first that day.  Shortly after leaving their residence, I received a report that someone else had already driven by their house only a few hours earlier but didn't stop.

    With the Petropoulos' assault upon Newberry Springs, and their assistance to import an outside child predator into the county, they have acquired a public celebrity status.  People are naturally curious to see for themselves where these notorious Spring Valley Lake people live.

    One Facebook posting has logically asked, why don't they move the SVP (Sexually Violent Predator) into their own neighborhood?

Update: The letter.

    In my previous news blog, I noted that I had written a two-page letter to William Petropoulos after leaving his residence.  The letter is only addressed to William because during my visit only he and I maintained a reasonable tone and cordial communication without the unfortunate adversarial aggression displayed by his other family members.

    The letter was mailed on August 9, 2021, but the address bounced.  I didn't acquire the letter back until August 17th.

    Silly me, I sent the letter to the Petropoulos' residential street address not knowing that the mail isn't delivered to the street addresses in their hoity-toity community of Spring Valley Lake.  All mail for the community must be addressed to separate postal boxes.  The community has a governing Spring Valley Lake Association.

    The stars do align sometimes.  I was literally in a postal parking lot about to remail the letter on August 19th when a Sheriff detective called informing me of the Petropoulos' report.  I have now elected to save the postmarked, unopened letter.

    The letter is friendly and it highlights deep concerns that include the Petropoulos' actions, relevant Newberry background, and information regarding the ownership of unoccupied Newberry housing.  To resolve issues, I believe that it is sometimes best to outreach and to try to be helpful to those who are recognized as adversarial.

Don't suggest "insurance."

    The Petropoulos' have an investment in Newberry which is in much greater peril than if located elsewhere.  This is why in my conversation with Mr. Petropoulos, I suggested insurance.  It has nothing to do with Lawtis Rhoden.

    Due to the following quick explosive fly-off of his interrupting wife, the topic was disrupted and he may still not understand his risk exposure.

    As previously blogged, I was speaking with Mr. Petropoulos outside his house.  When I suggested having "insurance," Schellie Petropoulos suddenly rushed me appearing extremely agitated.  She apparently had been eavesdropping from the house, and she came storming, blistering mad, and assailing me that I had just threatened to burn her house down!

    Frankly, the crazy notion did catch me off-guard.  I was stunned by where did that come from?

    Regardless of whatever she envisioned or interpreted in her head regarding a suggestion for "insurance," it absolutely had nothing to do with fire.

    Newberry Springs is not Schellie Petropoulos' plush Spring Valley Lake community where upstream Mojave River water is diverted for perfectly manicured lawns, lush vegetation, and a huge lake.  Newberry's demographics are very different.  Newberrians know what happens to most unoccupied houses in Newberry Springs.

      The Lake Irene Drive unoccupied house as viewed
with the camera facing in a southerly direction.

    The need is not insurance for fire but for the busting of drywall for the stripping of all interior wiring, the senseless breaking of windows, and the removal of appliances, water heaters, furnaces, fans, and anything of value that can be carried out.  Newberry's many drug-induced criminals target the isolated, unoccupied houses as low-risk easy pickings.

    Structures don't even need to be existing yet to be brazenly targeted.  Newberrians will remember what happened nearly five years ago.

    All of these specifics were intentionally not mentioned to Mr. Petropoulos during our short conversation because I didn't want the tone of the conversation to sound threatening.  Having insurance in Newberry for an empty house is prudent and was charitably suggested.

    A nearby Newberry house with drywall removed for the total stripping of the electrical copper wiring.  A common unoccupied house occurrence throughout Newberry Springs.

Intimidation to chill free speech.

    I find the Petropoulos' to be of a mindset that even if you try to help them to get ahead of the game in understanding the uniqueness of Newberry, they'll foolishly turn on you.

    Their useless Sheriff's report, for whatever advantage that they think that it will do them, reminds me of oppressive SLAPP lawsuits, where a wealthy corporation will file a civil Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation in an attempt to chill free speech and public debate by silencing critical dissension.

Under a rock.

    William and Schellie Petropoulos allegedly don't want publicity on the great evil that they are attempting to inflict upon Newberry Springs.  They appear to want to profit at the expense of others without revealing their dirty hands.  They have tried to veil their identities behind the abomination of a non-profit corporation that invokes the Holy Name of God (Godisgood, Inc.).

    Lawtis Rhoden is considered dangerous.  He has been previously diagnosed with a mental disorder and there is a possibility that he may lapse back to attacking young girls if given the opportunity.

    The Petropoulos' attempt to silence media attention is not going to intimidate but rather encourage further and necessary discussion.

    The Petropoulos' house rental for a Sexually Violent Predator of children represents a community cancer that needs to be addressed.  The Petropoulos' names will be nailed as responsible parties to this perverted child molester's presence in Newberry Springs.

Lack of Liberty Healthcare's due diligence.

    As a note, Lawtis Rhoden should be placed in either Orange County or Los Angeles County.  Liberty Healthcare is targeting San Bernardino County under the pretense that placement for Rhoden cannot be found in either Orange or Los Angeles counties.  It appears that Liberty Healthcare has failed in its duty to do diligent research.

    Liberty Healthcare found a possible placement for the notorious Calvin Grassmier, in the L.A. County community of Little Rock.  A court hearing for that consideration will be on September 1st.  L.A. County has a huge High Desert available for Lawtis Rhoden.

The Lawtis Rhoden hearing - Sept. 2nd.

    A court hearing for the placement of Lawtis Rhoden in Newberry Springs is currently calendared for September 2nd at 1:45 P.M. at the Fullerton Courthouse, Department N2.  The address is 1275 N. Berkeley Avenue, Fullerton, CA 92832.  The location is approximately 125 miles from the Newberry Springs Post Office.

    Transportation is still being arranged for Newberry residents who are interested in attending.  Those who have previously signed up are being contacted for confirmation and a new sign-up window will be announced soon.


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