Newberry Community Church
Permits New High Radiation Cell Tower

Radiation from new tower will be thousands of times
higher than deemed safe by world health officials.

    New ten story eyesore cell tower, to be reportedly disguised as a nonnative Eucalyptus tree, breaks the viewscape along Newberry Road.  The tower will increase the accumulative radiation absorption at the Newberry Springs Elementary School approximately 1-mile away.

August 16, 2014

    Let us all hope that there is a very forgiving God, for if one follows the Bible, it would appear that God might not be pleased with the Newberry Community Church and anyone who supports it.

    As previously blogged in the Community Alliance Blotter back on July 2, 2013 and July 18, 2013, the Newberry Community Church has made a dubious alliance with the Dark Force.

    Cell towers are a technical advancement that much of the secular world now depends upon.  Unfortunately, in the United States, the Federal Communication Commission has surrendered its regulatory responsibilities on safety to the communication industry, as touched upon in the July 18, 2013 blog.

    Spiritually chilling is the massive amounts of hard porn that is now sent through cell towers; directly to our childrens' computers and phones.

    The Bible tells of Jesus saying that if something is bad, cut it off.  If something is harmful, cut it off least the remainder be lost.  Technology can be good, but if a cell tower has a cancerous cell (pun intended), it needs removal.

    The Newberry Community Church's property is a site consecrated to God.  To bring upon it any element of immoral corruption, to spread it into the community, would appear to be an abomination before the Almighty.  The immoral corruption of the Money Changers of the Jewish temple appears to be alive and strong today in Newberry Springs.

    High power transmitters will cover Newberry Springs and Interstate-40.  Photograph taken on August 15, 2014.

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