Newberry CSD's Special Meeting
Monday, December 23rd • 6 P.M.
Might Be Shorter Than Desired

Posted: December 22, 2019
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
by Ted Stimpfel

     Silica dust in Newberry Springs
will be greatly increased should the construction of the Daggett Solar Power 1 project proceed in mowing 5.5-square miles of upwind desert soil.  Silica dust is recognized as a California Proposition 65 carcinogen.

    Unbelievable!  At the last Newberry CSD general Board meeting on December 17th, it was expected that the Board would make a selection of a CEQA attorney to file an appeal of the County's approval of the Daggett solar project.

    Shockingly, at that meeting, not even one attorney had yet been identified as a candidate.  The Board then decided to hold a Special Meeting on Monday, December 23, 2019, to choose their lawyer.

    Guess what?  As of mid-day last Saturday, December 21st, Director Jack Unger who had volunteered to run the show still had not found an attorney, and with the Holidays, most attorneys are now not reachable.  Filing deadline is January 9, 2020.

    This has got the makings of one of the biggest screw-ups in the CSD's history.  It is called dereliction of duty.

    For the past two years, this blog site has repeatedly requested that the CSD prepare itself to fight the Daggett solar project by hiring a professional CEQA expert.

    The attorney that the CSD hired to prepare a letter for the appeal before the County's Supervisors has been found to be too pro-solar.

    This blog site has been accused by a few community members of being a fearmonger.  Well, the sky is now falling on Newberry.

    Director Unger's ego had him jump at being in charge of the solar legal battle.  I do highly praise him for doing it because if he hadn't, Clearway Energy would be now mowing the desert's soil in Daggett.  No one else on the Board took the first move.  Unger placed the matter as a CSD agenda item and the community's attendance last September 24th insisted on action.

    Unfortunately, with Unger, it is a power trip.  If you want to know what is happening, you must wait for the next Board meeting so that Unger can be the absolute center of attention in giving his report.  It is his way or no way.

    The CSD is not a rich district.  Consequently, we must all pull together to make this community work.  That, however, doesn't fit into Unger's methodology.

    I do not like being on a sinking ship with Unger as the Captain.  I do not like losing a third-plus of my investment in Newberry because a Board member won't exercise common sense and collaborate with knowledgeable people.

    Hopefully, Monday, Jack Unger will pull a CEQA qualified attorney out of his hat-of-tricks.  If not, the Board will have a very short meeting.

CSD Special Board Meeting
Monday, December 23, 2019
6 P.M.
Newberry CSD Building
30884 Newberry Road
South end of Newberry Road

  Please spread the word and attend.

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