Posted: May 19, 2022
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by Ted Stimpfel

Do you have... or plan
to acquire... residential solar ?

    As more homes are acquiring solar power, PG&E, SoCal Edison, San Diego Gas & Electric, and other utilities are seeing a bleak future.

    BIG Electric has been lobbying the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) for some time now to charge fees/taxes to those who have installed residential solar.  BIG Electric wants a new revenue stream to make up the losses to BIG Electric's profits.

    I have been a supporter of the Solar Rights Alliance which is based in San Diego.  I thought that their communication (yesterday - May 18th) was interesting and that I might join a Don't Tax The Sun rally on June 2nd.  The letter below is shocking about what is happening in California.  The bureaucratic solar madness keeps going!

    Anyone who feels that the solar projects in the Silver Valley are (or will be) physically impacting their pulmonary function is encouraged to join our activist victims' group.


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