Supervisor Rowe flips against residents.
    The above illustration is snipped from Supervisor Dawn Rowe's political fundraising website.  Supervisor Dawn Rowe demonstrated that her political website is a lie when she voted against protecting the vulnerable rural population of Newberry Springs.

Posted: January 16, 2020
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
by Ted Stimpfel

County Supervisors refuse to follow
the County's codes and regulations.

    In a democratic society, the power of government originates at the bottom and funnels up to the elected to fulfill the Will of the People.

    The Will of the citizens of San Bernardino County was not to give our precious Cadiz water away to outside counties to quench their thirst for new swimming pools and recreational lakes, as in Orange County.

    Nor is it the People's Will in this county to turn-over our precious desert to unreasonable destruction to fulfill Sacramento's political call for 100% renewable energy by 2045, when rooftop solar would non-discriminately better serve the need and preserve our desert and tourist economy.

    San Bernardino County has already contributed far more than its fair share of solar energy production for Sacramento's feel-good scheme.  This county is now becoming a scarred dumpsite by our unwise County officials who are continuing to openly surrender our county to outside solar developers.

    Politicians have severe egos and a failure to listen to their constituents. They rule their subjects rather than being the reflective voice of the People.

    The desert may be a wasteland for most people, but to us, it is home.  And home is something worth protecting.  The desert is a selected lifestyle that we have chosen.  It should not be desecrated by outsiders who want solar power but who won't produce it upon their own roofs.

    I congratulate the Newberry CSD for standing-up and appealing the County's unanimous 5-0 approval of the Daggett Solar Power project.

    As a follow-up to the January 10th news blog on Supervisor Dawn Rowe and the appellate decision going against her, she has announced that she is stepping away from her board seat.

    How this will play out isn't known yet, but her goose appears cooked.  The Republican board members want to keep appealing to keep her in office until the next election but that idea could be dead.  Governor Newsom might appoint a Democrat replacement.  Time will tell.

    As a conservative Independent voter, I tend to lean towards Republican candidates, but when the local Republican Party has so badly screwed-up the quality of life in the High Desert, I welcome a change by the Governor.  Things can't get much worse for Newberry.

Supervisors ignored County, State, and Federal codes and regulations in upholding the Daggett Solar Power project's Planning Commission approval.

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