Pamalla Barber vents
her misconceptions.


Barber's Letter Is Typical
Of Misunderstanding By Many

Posted: October 23, 2020
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
by Ted Stimpfel

    Pamalla Barber, a Newberry resident, has recently sent me a long letter that she has publicly posted.  While her pro-Paula Deel letter is very negative towards me, it is warming that she addresses my happiness.

    Despite her opinion, I am a very happy person.  I do nothing but provide joy !

    I am Meandering Thoughts on Barber's letter because it expresses confused misconceptions which I will address.

    Understandably, close friends of Paula Deel don't want anything negative said about Paula's malfeasance during this election period.

    Voters are supposed to forget what she has done.

    As a candidate, Paula Deel has voluntarily opened her record for public inspection.  Most incumbents want to stand upon their record, Paula does not.  But voters do have a duty to scrutinize a candidate's history.

    Paula's polite little auxiliary army of marching Christian ladies are now targeting me for my mailout flyer and blogs.  I find it amazing how delicately expressive Paula's fragile Christian ladies can be.

Caution, adjust your volume.
(Includes musical response.)

    Paula's attacking troops are a bit unpolished.  But I love the passion!  While some may recognize this neighbor's voice, like Newberry's other residents, this caller's property values and future health have been negatively compromised by Paula Deel's traitorous malfeasance.  So why is Paula Deel's reelection campaign still being supported by anyone?

    I don't like the idea of losing thousands of dollars in property value because of the current people on the CSD board.  I do not like my health being jeopardized because Paula and the dysfunctional CSD directors fail to stand behind their word.

    Newberry has serious problems because voters don't vote for competence and directors with moral integrity.

    In getting back to Barber, her negative letter propels me into my happy dance because it gives me confirmation that people are listening.  I understand that there will always be some uninformed people who will have reluctance or trouble comprehending reality.  I believe that there is hope for them.

    Barber's letter goes to great lengths in trying to spin that the CSD has limited powers and that the CSD couldn't seriously address the Daggett solar project.

I do agree with some of her statements:

●  The CSD has no power to approve or disapprove a solar site.
●  The Newberry residents have no power to approve or disapprove solar sites.
●  The Planning Commission wanted the solar projects.
●  The decision is up to the County.

Barber also listed a litany of senseless statements erroneously implying that I agree with them.  Never have.  Not knowing me at all, Barber apparently gets her spurious "facts" on me from Paula Deel.

    While Barber peddles the above, her principal claim that the CSD lacks the power to address the solar project is bogus.  Paula Deel and the other CSD directors did have the ability to call-out the County in court for not following the law in approving the project.

"The CSD did what they could
and what they were legally permitted to do."

                          Pamalla B. Barber • Newberry Springs

Wrong !
 They did NOT do what they could. 
 The directors quit and betrayed Newberry. 

    As Barber tells me what she presumes I don't know, it reveals her lack of understanding of the subject and her lack of earlier reading this blog site.

    Barber's understanding appears to be the CSD's excuses being delivered by Paula.  Consequently, it is worth an educational reply.  (The purpose behind this blog.)

    While the CSD has no authority in the approval of solar projects, the CSD directors do have the ability, the right, the means, and the moral obligation to protect the CSD and Newberry.

    For over a year, I was advising the directors from the CSD's speaker's podium, and in published news blogs, about how they could protect Newberry, so it wasn't anything new.

    Despite the seriousness of the solar project's hazards, the directors only exhibited a complete lack of interest and a lack of progressive vision in protecting the residents.

    The litigation that the Newberry CSD directors did file under community pressure was legal and the directors demonstrated their "power" to file.

    As long as the Newberry CSD stayed in the fight, the Daggett Solar Power Project could not be built.  The CSD directors, unfortunately, signaled that they were for sale and they foolishly withdrew from the litigation and permitted the solar project to proceed.

    Barber states that she was particularly interested in the fire training that the CSD obtained in their secretly acquired settlement.  Peanuts ! 

    In betraying the community, as part of the settlement, the CSD should have acquired millions of dollars in new fire equipment, a new civic hub, a new fire station, a new indoor recreational center with ball court and pool, and outdoor park facilities.  This, and much more, was within the CSD's grasp.  Paula Deel (and the other directors) failed the community BIG TIME !

    These people are why Newberry lacks these things.

    The CSD directors were in way over their heads  in understanding how to properly litigate, and instead of reaching out to experience within the community, and working with the community's Friends of Newberry Springs, they arrogantly ad-libbed and forever damaged Newberry and its residents with health injuries and property devaluation.

    Pure incompetence!

    Rather than getting many millions of dollars in fair compensation for the damages that the solar project will bring, Paula Deel wants residents to sweat, farming NSEDA's farm, and grow produce for Farmer's Markets for Newberry's economic development.  This is her leadership ability.

    Pamalla Barber has attacked my mailout flyer but she fails to demonstrate that anything on the flyer is inaccurate.  I have lived parts of what I have written about.  Where was Barber?  I don't need Pamalla Barber telling me how holy Paula Deel is.  I see what is lacking in Newberry.

    In Paula Deel's latest campaign mailout, she states that the CSD board has strengthened the CSD's financial position (by selling out the community to solar corporations for pennies on the dollar).

    Deel's mailer also states that the CSD is ready to make major improvements.  It has always been ready!  Why hasn't Paula already done this?  She has been on the CSD board for over 7-years.  Two terms are enough !

    People who may be popular are not necessarily qualified for public office.  I know Paula Deel as someone who is a community traitor, and whose judgment can not be trusted.

Thumping down Newberry Springs.

    Anyone interested in exploring a possible legal action against the CSD's entities is welcomed to contact us through  If legal action is ever filed, only those participating may receive a benefit.

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