Jodi Howard during an earlier Newberry CSD board meeting.

  Jodi Howard's litigation continues  
  against Newberry Springs' CSD  

Posted: January 28, 2024
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
by Ted Stimpfel

Jodi Howard's litigation impacts
Newberry's fire protection funds!

    Well, its grab your popcorn time again, 'cause the Newberry CSD circus has a legal extravaganza starring the ever-so-dramatic ex-General Manager Jodi Howard, the alleged ringmaster of retaliatory drama!

    As first introduced on my December 22, 2023, news blog, the litigation is building steam as it progresses.

    It seems that poor Howard feels scorn and she appears unhappy about her rejection from the Newberry CSD stage.  She has filed a forty-eight-page mumbo jumbo legal Complaint with the San Bernardino County's Superior Court.

    But here is the twist: it's missing a key ingredient - the beef!  Yep, no specifics, just a wild laundry list of accusations like a zoo without any animals.

    Twelve years on the CSD's payroll, and not a peep of protest from our Jodi.  Now, soon after dismissal, she suddenly alleges a symphony of long existing grievances: emotional stress, mental anguish, physical suffering - the whole shebang!  But where is the proof?

    Where's the evidence, Jodi?  Where is the paper trail of all of your complaints?  Where are the medical reports, the doctor's bills, the scribbled notes, the tear-stained tissues?  Did your attorney's paralegal simply raid the legal buffet of template accusations and copy-pasted everything into your Complaint?

    Jodi, were you in the desperate hope that by throwing so much spaghetti against the wall in your Complaint, that you believed that some of the boilerplate accusations might stick and scare the CSD directors into a settlement feast?

    This legal spaghetti omelet (4.1MB Complaint) just might backfire. The CSD board is not totally stupid and clowning around anymore. They're mad and they're throwing mucho CSD money at a defense against what they consider to be defamation, perhaps they are ready to turn the tables with a possible counter lawsuit.

    The CSD directors appear to be hiring the legal equivalent of a lion tamer, expecting to grill Jodi during the deposition discovery process.  Grilling Jodi like a screaming hot dog sizzling on a red hot grill.

    If Jodi doesn't have her accusations well documented, it's game over and the court may grant a summary judgment and require Jodi to pay the CSD's legal fees and costs for what appears to be a frivolous lawsuit.

    If my gut feeling is right (and it usually is after a double chili dog), this lawsuit will end up frizzled, leaving nothing but a hefty bill for money-seeking Jodi.

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