The Mugwumps.

Old Daggett
Moving Ahead Of Newberry

  Posted: January 13, 2022
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
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by Ted Stimpfel

    The community residents of Daggett are watching the seeding of a possible rebirth of their town.  The excitement is over a few residents taking the lead to develop the town as a tourist road stop.

    Despite Daggett's terrible mismanagement of their historical scenic viewscape by welcoming solar power development, Daggett is attempting to capitalize upon its rich mining history, its old remaining historical structures, and fable folklore.

    A key structure is the Alf Blacksmith Shop, an old barn-like building of great weathering.  Of fascinating interest are Daggett's historical wooden wagons and Alf's many original tools used to build and maintain the wooden transports.

    Disappointing. however, is the lack of preservation.  The Alf site and its contents are of historical significance and deserve far better protection against storms, fire, and the drying effect of the desert's heat.

    Community preservation efforts have involved the old Stone Hotel on Santa Fe Street.  Other interesting structures in Daggett include the Fout's Garage, the Desert Market, and the Russian House.

    Next door to the Russian House is Mugwumps, a former service station that was last used as a print shop.

    Mugwumps is now being renovated into a tourist information center for visitors and is planned to have a gift shop and a small restaurant.

    While the talk is to make Daggett into a tourist destination, it is likely that it will only be a brief, but interesting, stopover Point of Interest that will compliment Calico.

    With Daggett now being engulfed by the surrounding solar power developments, the flavor and the romantic atmosphere of the Old West expanse, that tourists seek, are gone forever.

    Daggett's population of only 200 is outpacing Newberry's stagnant population of over 2,200 in the actual movement of community development.


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