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The Comedy Of CSD
Director Jack Unger Continues

Posted: March 22, 2021
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
by Ted Stimpfel

    As a follow-up to my March 1, 2021, commentary on CSD Directors Jack Unger and Victoria Paulsen's Civic Hub Strategic Plan, I find Jack Unger's March 20th posting below hilarious.  The guy finds no embarrassment in the so-called Strategic Plan that he has submitted.

    I disagree with the CB/Ham radio enthusiast, his Strategic Plan is incomplete and isn't worth reading.  It isn't ready for prime time.

    If Unger thinks that he can purchase land, and build "1) a fire station, 2) CSD offices, 3) a community center/public meeting rooms, 4) commercial small business spaces, 5) a park, and 6) parking spaces" to today's rigid public building standards for well under two million dollars, then perhaps he is thinking of trailers.

    When it comes to governmental buildings, with their increased seismic, environmental, ADA and stiff fire, and enhanced code regulations, two million dollars is easily within the range of Unger's wish list.

    Yes, Jack Unger is correct that "At this point, however, nobody knows what the costs will be."  That is because of the failure of Jack Unger and Victoria Paulsen to perform a customary cost analysis for the project.  There has been no financial planning.

    Knowing the involved costs for a proposed project is a major component of a Strategic Plan.  When cost factors are not a part of the plan, there is no plan.

    Neither Unger nor Paulsen are business people.  If they were, they would realize that you can not build without money and knowing what the expected costs will be.  A financial pro forma needs to be developed based upon solid research of the costs.

    But before developing a pro forma cost sheet, one must know what exactly is needed so that financial costs will have a basis.  As covered in my March 1, 2021, commentary, Unger's and Paulsen's Strategic Plan lacks the basics and the plan as presented is incomplete and boneheaded.  


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