Shame on Newberry Springs


Newberry Springs is a Sodom and Gomorrah
where the majority brings on deadly reckoning.

Posted: December 1, 2020
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
by Ted Stimpfel

Post-election commentary.

    We have had an interesting Community Services District (CSD) election.  Not for the results, as they were foreseeable.  I wrote most of the previous election results blog on November 2nd and leisurely filled in the numbers for the November 4th posting (with later tally updates).

    Despite the expected results, I was still surprised.  I figured that Paula Deel would place first.  However, her numbers were stronger than I had anticipated.

    One would rationally think that the voters would want improvement for their community, for themselves and their families.  That as community residents, they would want the best for Newberry Springs.

    Under the current CSD board, Newberry Springs has continued in a downward spiral.  This is easy to witness just driving through Newberry.  This is not only due to the county treating Newberry as a rural dump site but it is principally due to our incapable CSD to responsibly respond.

    The nonvisionary CSD board is currently consisting of President Robert Springer, and directors Paula Deel, Victoria Paulsen, Jack Unger, and Larry Clark.  This year they have shamefully not only failed to do anything to advance Newberry but they have sealed its future decline.

    Their actions this year have been disastrous.  Long after these people are all out-of-office, their legacy will be adversely impacting Newberry for decades to come.

    The CSD board tells us that they know better than us.  These are people who know little and they advise each other who know less.

    Neighbors take care of neighbors.  Paula Deel and the other directors are not neighborly in willfully damaging our community.

    A principal problem is Newberry's uninformed voters who have not followed nor cared about the bungling damages of the people they maintain in office.  An excellent example is Paula Deel who this year has lied to the community in her promise to fight the solar project.

    Paula Deel sided with the CSD board to secretly renege in their community commitment to fight the solar project in court.  They could have stopped the solar project but they instead have allowed the solar project to start construction.

Click to enlarge.

    Furthermore, they secretly blocked the community's residents from having a voice in the Superior Court litigation.  If the CSD didn't want to continue the litigation, the Friends of Newberry Springs would have, but the board refused to communicate.

    The CSD's abomination will not only ensure Newberry's continued downward spiral but accelerate it.  It is one thing for the CSD to greatly depreciate the property value of a community and its residential ambiance but it is yet another to intentionally injure the health of its children and the elderly.

Recap of known facts.

    Those who have followed this blog site for the last couple of years understand the health hazards involved with the solar project.  The project will have respiratory health problems for many and will shorten the lives of others who live downwind in Newberry Springs.

    Despite knowing the grave health consequences to Newberry's residents, none of the CSD board members cared.

    The amount of invisible, microscopic-sized silica dust particles suspended within Newberry's breathable air will substantially increase.  This will happen due to the solar project disturbing thousands of acres of fine silica soil within the valley's Sand Transport Path.

    During the last CSD board meeting, General Manager Jodi Howard challenged me as to what proof, what data I have that the solar project will produce hazardous silica dust?

What ignorance the General Manager continues
to demonstrate at this late date !

    I have been writing and discussing the problem at board meetings for two years!  If she doesn't wish to believe me, as General Manager, she has the responsibility to investigate the alarms on the Internet.

    The danger of disturbing the ancient silica soil in a Sand Transport Path and breathing the invisible dust is well documented.

    An expert on the Mojave Desert's Sand Transport Paths, Pat Flanagan, has even traveled to Newberry Springs and she has personally testified before the CSD board on the hazards.  Why wasn't Jodi Howard listening?

    The board members and the General Manager turn a deaf ear to public speakers who come before them.  Why?  Because they believe that they know better than the public and the experts.  And because they are too arrogant to be willing to learn.

    And what about the untruthful, Pants on Fire  Director Jack Unger who is essentially the CSD's go-to solar and air monitor guy?  He has spent a good deal of time talking with Pat Flanagan, yet he still doesn't comprehend the picture.

Click to enlarge.

    At the last CSD meeting, Jack Unger claimed that the Purple Air air quality monitors measure not only the fine particulate PM2.5 dust but also the heavier granular sand.  He promoted that the CSD should purchase some Purple Air monitors and install them.

    There are already four Purple Air monitors at the existing Mountain View Road solar site, three more at private homes in Newberry (two of which I helped to install), and the CSD already has two (which are both inoperative as the CSD doesn't maintain the equipment it has).

    With nine monitors, acquiring more won't help unless there is a means to organize their massive data output for a useful purpose.

    Director Unger's claim that the Purple Air monitors can measure blowing sand is incorrect.  The devices measure PM2.5 and PM10 sized micro dust.  PM10 is not granular sand as Unger advised the board.

    Here we have a CSD proclaimed "expert" who doesn't understand the basics that the dangerous PM10 sized dust is so fine, invisible, and tasteless that it is unknowingly inhaled deep into the lungs.

    Trillions of PM1 carcinogenic micro-sized silica dust particles smaller than 1 µm (micrometer) in diameter (1/1,000,000th of a meter), about 1/70th the diameter of a human hair (hair is about 70 µm), can remain suspended in Newberry's breathable air for days.

Like the Coronavirus that you can not see,
it is not the visible sand that will kill you,
but the finer invisible silica dust particles.

    While Unger's statements may not sound like anything to the novice, it illustrates Director Unger's bungling misguidance as the self-proclaimed Newberry Solarman.

Click to enlarge.

    As close-by as the Lucerne Valley, people are having trouble with fine silica dust blowing off of their far smaller solar farms that have been built in their Sand Transport Path.

    Rather than the CSD management doing their job and acquiring a little knowledge of what impacts Newberry Springs, the CSD board and Jodi Howard would rather remain blissfully ignorant.

Deadly dust.

    Silica dust has been listed by the state of California as carcinogenic.  The dust lifts from the valley's floor whenever the wind blows and the finer microscopic particles can remain airborne for long periods.

    Disturbing the soil for solar panel installation by blading thousands of acres vastly increases the windblown particulates for years.  It takes many years, decades for microscopic organisms to form a glue-like webbing that holds the super fine silica particles during winds.

    Silica dust in the lungs acts similarly to that of asbestos.  The Daggett solar project will be like an open-air asbestos plant upwind to the community.

    The health impact will not happen overnight, but over years as the slow horrendous respiratory disease takes a grip and lingers out prolonged suffering deaths.

    The responsibility for the suffering and deaths will point directly back to Paula Deel, the other CSD directors, and their empowering supporters.

    Very young children breathe in a much greater volume of air for their proportionate size than adults and they have a greater negative susceptibility to toxic airborne particulate matter.

    The children who stay in Newberry and who will be exposed to the invisible dust over a longer life period, and the elderly who already have preexisting respiratory problems, will be the most impacted.

Poor Paula Deel.

    People have complained that I have been unfair to poor Paula Deel in my blogs (eg. ) and with an attention-getting flyer.  What I have done is to reveal a portion of Paula Deel's incredible incompetence and the deadly damages that she has wreaked upon Newberry's residents.

    If anything, I have been far too lenient.  I recognize the CSD directors as creating a toxic situation that will prematurely kill people.  As a resident who is impacted by their asinine stupidity, I take their action personally.

Foolish Newberry.

    Smart communities do not elect officials who lie to them, destroy their property values, ruin the desirability of their community, and promote a lethal disease.  But Newberry Springs does.

    Paula Deel has done all of the above incredible damage in this year alone, and the majority of Newberry's voters have thanked her by reelecting her for more dysfunction!

    People throughout history have enthusiastically backed smiling political leaders that have led them to destruction.

    It would be understandable to have perhaps one on the CSD board who would intentionally injure their community, but Newberry has FIVE!

1.  Robert Springer
2.  Paula Deel
3.  Victoria Paulsen
4.  Jack Unger
5.  Larry Clark

    The directors have destroyed the value of many millions of dollars of the voters' collective property value.  Even with the multiple travesties against the community being known and publicized, the community is happy to reelect Deel.  Go figure!

    When someone in political office repeatedly burns you, you don't continue to rely on that person's continued poor judgment.  But Newberry does !

    Anyone interested in exploring the possible legal action against the CSD is welcomed to contact us through

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