As expected from Directors Jack Unger and Victoria Paulsen...
yet another failure.

Newberry CSD board holds
another long blah-blah meeting.

Posted: February 12, 2021
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
by Ted Stimpfel

Closing-out the year 2020

    As the year 2020 was closed out, it will be remembered for many things.  The emergence of COVID-19, the Black Lives Matter movement, and Donald Trump's downfall from America's grace... to name a few.

    Locally, the biggest 2020 event was undoubtedly the Newberry CSD's lack of 20-20 vision to properly handle the solar litigation.  That was so monumentally screwed-up by the CSD board that Newberry will be damaged by it for decades to come.

    With last November's insane reelection of one of the bumblers that orchestrated the disaster, which left tens of millions of dollars for Newberry's needed compensation abandoned on the negotiation table, the election highlighted how severely unknowledgeable the Newberry voters are to the CSD's chronically severe mismanagement.

    The CSD foolishly bypassed millions for serious Newberry infrastructures, such as a new Civic Hub, a greatly enhanced fire department, medical assistance, businesses, jobs... things that underserved and disadvantaged Newberry Springs desperately needs.

    The rural Newberry ghetto received the incompetence it elected.  Newberry will remain a squalor, economically depressed, and disadvantaged community until the voters become educated.

  December's CSD board highlights. 

Air monitors.

    Under the persuasion of Jack Unger, the CSD is purchasing and installing 5 Purple Air monitors for up to $2,000.  This is despite Newberry Springs already having 9 Purple Air monitors, two operated by the CSD itself, in Newberry Springs.

    The existing monitors are already sufficient.  Unger's emphasis should be spending on the collection and processing of the data that is already being accumulated.

Civic Hub

    Jack Unger, with committee member Victoria Paulsen, submitted their Civic Hub Strategic Plan.  Despite nearly a year-and-a-half in the making, their effort to establish meaningful progress for a new civic center fell flat.  While their effort has organized some existing data for possible future use, their intended purpose bombed due to incompetence.

    While Unger's and Paulsen's committee has been officially closed and disbanded by the CSD, some modifications to their committee's report are to be made and submitted at the next board meeting.

    Director Paulsen pontificated that the committee should be recognized for doing such a great job.  (Of course, the praising would include her as a committee member.)


    Board chairman Robert Springer thanked retiring board member Larry Clark for his previous service as a CSD director.

    Director Clark was a no-show for six-consecutive board sessions in 2020 (yet he collected his stipends) and he only reappeared after the board went to ZOOM meetings.

    Clark was also a strong proponent for the Daggett solar project and usually simply voted following the lead of others.

  January's CSD board meeting was canceled 
  due to impacts of COVID-19.


    Any resident interested in registering to claim deserving compensation is welcomed to contact us through  Only those participating may receive compensation for their damages.

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