The Nontransparency Of CSD Director Jack Unger



    Newberry CSD director, Jack Unger, continues to hide his management of the CSD's handling of the Daggett Solar Power appeal.

Jack Unger
The good, the bad...

Posted: December 30, 2019
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
by Ted Stimpfel

"Liar, liar, pants on fire."

    In running as a candidate for a Newberry CSD director's seat, Jack Unger participated in a Candidates Debate on October 3, 2018.  During that debate, candidate Jack Unger promised that if elected, he would promote open transparency of the CSD's activities.

    Unger also promised that he would provide a monthly newsletter to anyone who would submit their e-mail address to him. 

    To date, over a year after being sworn into office, Unger has not promoted open transparency.  He has slammed the door on it.

    Having requested updated information from Jack Unger multiple times via e-mail regarding the Daggett Solar Power project, he has intentionally been silent.

    This news blog has many hundreds of viewers.  Not all of the viewers are from Newberry Springs.  Some have lived here in the past and have moved, but are still curious about Newberry.  Most are residents and others are scoping Newberry's potential.

    Some, I still haven't figured out.  One is Lukwago Denis Lule who lives in Entebbe, Uganda, who "Liked" our December 21st Facebook news blog link.

    Although I would welcome him as my neighbor, I doubt that he has any interest in moving to Newberry.  What I found interesting is a post on his Facebook page:

    This sounds like the good ole U.S.A. and how people like Jack Unger get elected.  Voters chasing unkept promises.

    Unger seems to believe that he is an intellectual scholar.  Yet, so-called "intellects" often lack common sense and the ability to communicate and to accomplish much in the real world.

    Unger's lifestyle over the last 20-years seems to be declining.  He doesn't appear to be able to advance himself much less have the ability to favorably advance Newberry.  His new Civic Center effort appears backwards.

    The Newberry CSD has a responsibility to be responsive to the community's concerns.  Unfortunately, the CSD has held onto an on-going culture of being conspicuously not responsive.

The CSD directors have had a poor fraternal policy of secrecy which is not acceptable.

    Like an attorney who holds a responsibility to keep his client fully informed, the CSD board members hold an obligation of full transparency to the residents.  Especially, on matters that directly impact the residents' health and financial well being.

    I have been contacted by a few residents who are very concerned about how the toxic Daggett solar project will impact their financial world.  They are living on minimum retirement incomes and government assistance.  They are scared with good reason.

Jack Unger took a CSD oriented class on being effective.
Apparently, he slept through the sections on communicating
and listening to the people he reportedly serves.

    I believe that Jack Unger, along with CSD President Robert Springer, can sign-up an attorney for the Daggett solar appeal, but they are screwing the community by not fulfilling their obligation to keep the concerned citizens informed of their progress.

    As the lead director on the CSD's solar appeal, doesn't Jack Unger have a moral responsibility to alleviate the residents' concerns by truthfully telling them how he is progressing?  Why the secrecy and mistreatment?  Is Unger simply a psychological bully?

    For certain, Jack Unger isn't the only problem on the CSD board.  While Robert Springer is by far the better, all the board members, including Robert Springer, Jack Unger, Paula Deel, Vickie Paulsen, and Larry Clark have not shown the ability to properly vision, delegate, and accept community inclusion.

For not keeping his transparency campaign promises

Jack Unger gets a full five pants-on-fire rating.

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