CSD Director Jack Unger
Seizes Cost-Effective Idea
For Civic Hub Buildings

Posted: April 3, 2021
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
by Ted Stimpfel

More brilliance radiates from the CSD board.

    The Newberry CSD chatter was again physically draining at the March 23, 2021, monthly board meeting as there was so much busy yackety-yack.

    A highlight of the meeting came after a long discussion over acquiring shipping containers to be used as temporary housing for visiting firefighter trainees.

    Newly seated CSD director Margie Roberts had an erupting idea that shipping containers could also be used as inexpensive buildings for the CSD's proposed new Civic Hub.

    Jack Unger, the director in charge of the Civic Hub development, immediately seized upon the brain-fart idea as marvelous.  Build the new CSD Civic Hub with inexpensive shipping containers.

    I had humorously quipped in a previous blog about not being surprised if Director Unger would consider trailers but I didn't go low enough to consider used shipping containers.

    The Daggett CSD building is made up of old mobile units that were originally used for SoCal Edison's Solar One Information Center.  After the Center's closure, the mobile units were donated and moved to Daggett.  But for Newberry Springs, we may be now scrapping below the bottom of the barrel.

    After shining the spotlight upon himself by proposing a modern Civic Hub with new CSD offices, a new fire station, community assembly room, adjacent commercial structures for rental purposes, an adjacent park, ...and more, Jack Unger is now waking up that he and the CSD don't have adequate funds.

    Jack-be-quick also doesn't know how to acquire the funds.  So, with reality settling in, Jack Unger is downsizing and looking foolish.

    Perhaps the CSD can apply to FEMA and acquire some of President Biden's infrastructure stimulus money.  The current CSD community building is a seismic disaster waiting to happen and the federal government is looking for places to spend their coffers from higher taxes.

    It is one thing to fix up some containers for temporary overnight fire students but our community's volunteer fire guys deserve a better fire station facility.  The citizens also deserve a better meeting hall.

    Why can't our CSD directors think straight?


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