Spike Lynch Revokes Promise
To Newberry Springs Organizations

Posted December 7, 2011

Spike Lynch
Spike Lynch

    Spike Lynch, the mesmerizing billboard king of Newberry Springs, has now established a "Super Committee" for the dispensing of billboard revenue for his Rural Community Income Sharing Billboard Program; a program that was never accepted nor approved by the county Board of Supervisors, as previously revealed and published by the Newberry Springs Community Alliance.  The county refused to participate in the wrong-doing.

    To date, public figure Spike Lynch has failed to provide any legally binding documents or bonding to guarantee the continuous billboard payouts that he has promised.  Furthermore, the payout charade of the bribe money that is currently being distributed is not the program that Lynch promised to four Newberry Springs organizations, and the county, in his bribe for their support of billboards that despicably foul the Newberry Springs landscape and negatively impacts Newberry Springs economic growth.

    Lynch's billboard payoff committee, as currently being tasked, will be to presumably take monetary requests from local organizations and recommend dispersement of the funds to whoever kisses-up, and to whom the committee decides is worthy.

    Spike Lynch, himself the czar behind the Newberry Springs-Harvard Real Property Owners Association, inappropriately recommended that his desired close friends and cronies be appointed to the committee's job in a solicitation "MEMO" dated June 27, 2011.  Lynch wanted the Newberry Community Service District to post Robert Royalty to sit on the panel; that the local Chamber of Commerce front Paula Deel; that the senior center select Brian Fisher; and that his personal Newberry Springs-Harvard Real Property Owners Association would have his choice of Linda Lingren on the political payoff committee.

    Well, guess who sits on the committee?  Yep.

    The inside influence manipulates the payola.  The common citizens and property owners of Newberry Springs will realize little benefit to offset the billboards' depreciation of their property values and disparagement of future economic and job growth.

    If Spike Lynch had kept his earlier promises, then such a committee would not be necessary.

    As earlier designed by Spike Lynch and promised to four organizations of Newberry Springs and county officials, and included at the bottom of "Exhibit B" to General Outdoors' proposed Development Agreement presented to the county, the billboard bribe monies were to be simply divided by a preset percentage formula; a method that does not require a committee.

    The four organizations were promised that they would directly receive the payoff monies and be free to do whatever they wanted with the funds.  No begging before a committee or qualifications required.

    Spike Lynch appears to have now reneged on the delivery of these promises after the acquisition of the county billboard permits.  Lynch has established his committee for controlling the billboard payouts in which the four organizations must now apply to and supposedly justify their funding requests.  This is totally different and far from what crafty Spike had earlier promised the four organizations; as shown in Exhibit B.  A judgment committee controlling the payouts was not a part of the deal.

    Why the broken promises?  What appears to be underhanded weaseling could be an attempt to cover-up the impropriety of payout bribes by routing the money through a laundering committee.  If so, the intent and motive for the distribution of the political payoff monies have already been well documented; even stupidly paraded and recorded with the county.

    The laundering of the payoff money through a laundering committee would only further support the growing questions of billboard political corruption.

    Since the bribes and payoffs for billboard support has been so blazen at the local level, some citizens are questioning whether there was a similar sharing at the county level?  Abnormalities in the county permit process, which are now before a civil court, support such questions.

    The Newberry Community Service District formally approved of its kickback participation in the alleged laundering scheme by its official appointment of Director Robert Royalty to the "Super Committee" during the CSD's November 2011 general meeting.

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