Smart Meters Are Coming!
Smart Meters Are Coming!

Newberry Springs
All appliances will be eventually monitored.

Posted January 4, 2012

    On December 30, 2011, Southern California Edison sent out letters to its power customers in Newberry Springs giving notice that Edison has contracted with Corix Utilities to update existing electric meters with new "SmartConnect" electric meters.

    Edison first announced the installation of Smart Meters in Southern California in June 2010.  Edison is now targeting Newberry Springs.

    The Community Alliance is highly opposed to these meters and believe that anyone allowing Edison to replace their existing meter is anything but smart.  Edison's customers have a right not to accept a new meter installation as tens-of-thousands have already refused in California.

Newberry Springs

    As there is so much information against Smart Meters on the Internet, we won't rehash it here; however, the Community Alliance encourages personal research by Googling: Smart Meters

    Understand, you have a right to say no to these meters.  Protect your personal safety and privacy; and that of your family's.  If you allow one to be installed, you have "consented" to what it brings you!

To monitor and control you!
No joke.

    Currently, major appliances are being produced that contain micro chips that communicate their power consumption to Smart Meters.  Smaller appliances are now starting to incorporate the technology.  Those savvy recognize that this is largely being pushed by the United Nations under its Agenda 21, whereby developed nations are to restructure their fundamental living practices for a greener, sustainable world.

    The sooner that the element of Smart Meters are installed and accepted, the sooner governments can control living practices such as when someone washes their clothes.  With Smart Meters, using a washing machine during the day can be charged 10-times more than say at 3 A.M.  Naturally, with this economic control coming, the electric utility companies realize the protential profit, and they call the meters "smart" (for them); but they are truly dumb for their customers to voluntarily accept.

    No longer will there be just summer and winter tier pricing, but hourly penalty fines that the federal and state bureaucrats can assess for greater revenue under the excuse of feel-good, "save-the-planet" compliance.

Take control!

    Newberrians should first contact Corix Utilities at 1-(877) 407-2317 (Monday-Saturday 7 A.M. - 6 P.M.) and state that they do not want a Smart Meter installed and that installation permission is not granted.

    A similar notice should be made to Edison at 1-(800) 684-8123.  A follow-up short letter memorializing the call is highly recommended (Edison  P.O. Box 800  Rosemead, CA 91770).  Edison does not have a Smart Meter opt-out; but a "Delay List."  It should be stressed to Edison that a delay is not sufficient, that you desire No Smart Meter Ever!  The power utilities are attempting to push Smart Meters despite public opposition.

    If access to one's meter is not protected by fencing and a locked gate, a notice of "DO NOT INSTALL SMART METER" should be securely posted to the existing meter.

One of the many Internet videos regarding the Smart Meter agenda.

Newberry Springs
The Smart Meter that started a fire in Santa
Rosa, CA and burned a man to death.

    Update:  The negatives on Smart Meters seem endless.  Old meters are being destroyed, so should you later decide to acquire home wind or solar power, you'll have a problem.  Smart Meters do not run backwards so you can not get any credit or pay-back from the power company having one installed.

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