2012 Rose Parade Prelude
Looking for some place to go?

Posted: January 1, 2012

    Due to January 1, 2012 falling on a Sunday, the Tournament of Roses in Pasadena, California is honoring its tradition not to conflict with church schedules and is holding its world famous parade on January 2.

Power Rangers Rose Parade Float 2012

A hit with kids is expected to be the huge Power Rangers float
with all the live Power Ranger characters.

China Airlines Rose Parade Float 2012

China Airlines will again be participating in the Rose Parade in 2012 with this beautiful dragon.

China Airlines Rose Parade Float 2012

    This is the driver's compartment in the 2012 China Airlines float.  The driver controls the steering, the digital sound controls (box on the other side of the steering wheel), the dragon's head movements and the CO2 releases from the dragon's nostrils.  Driver communicates via headset to a second operator in a compartment approximately 60 feet behind the driver who controls the power (speed) and principle braking.  Driver has one set of brakes and the rear operator has two systems.

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